General conditions of use of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB


17 / 12 Version

To use the services of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB, the User must read and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale of the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB platform. Clicking on " I accept the present CGUV of the site ", The User acknowledges having read prior to the contract, these GCUV and declares to know them and accept them without reservation.

MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB a SAS with a capital of 8000 €, registered with the RCS of Nanterre, under number 824 400 220, having its head office at 49 boulevard Saint Denis - 92400 Courbevoie.


These CGUV are intended to define the rights and obligations of Users in the context of access to the Service.


Buyers:means natural or legal persons having the legal capacity to purchase an Object offered for sale or an Auctioneer.

Successful bidder : refers to the Bidder of an auction that carries the sale of a Good or a lot at the end of an Auction.

General Conditions of Use and Sale (CGUV) : refers to these General Conditions which govern the contractual relations between MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS on the one hand and the Sellers and the Users users of the Platform on the other.

Special Conditions of Sale (CPV) : means the sales conditions specific to each sale and / or auction implemented by a Seller and detailing the terms of the sale.

Informational Content : refers to the contents of any nature (image, video, interviews, news etc.) implemented by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS in order to inform the Users of current or future sales, in connection with the Objects proposed to the sale to the exclusion of all information and content belonging to the Sellers.

Contract:Refers to these GTCUs and any Special Conditions of Sale or documents constituting all the existing commitments between a Seller and a Buyer.

bidders : means the participants, natural or legal person, at an auction. The last bidder is called the Bidder, he becomes the owner of the Object or the lot offered for sale.

Estimate: refers to the value determined by a Seller, an expert and / or an auctioneer or voluntary sales operator, which is generally in a price range.

Set price: means in a sale, the amount set by the Seller to acquire an Object or start the auction.

Objects : refers to all furniture items or lots advertised and offered for sale by a Seller.

Bid :means the price that a Buyer intends to pay for an Object offered for sale.

Voluntary Sales Operator : in accordance with Articles L321-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code, means natural or legal persons such as auction houses or auctioneers as well as court commissioners or any person legally entitled to conduct an auction which organize and carry out voluntary or judicial public auctions of movable property.

Platform:means all the hardware, software, operating system, environment databases and services provided by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS through a website accessible to the address or an application for smartphones or digital tablets.

Services : Refers to all the services offered by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS on the Platform.

User (s): refers together or separately to the Vendor (s) and the User Buyers registered on the Platform and having concluded a contract with MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS for access to the Service.

Sellers : refers to natural or legal persons (including antique dealers, auctioneers, experts, gallery owners, voluntary sales operators) and any person who sells for sale on a regular or professional basis an Object on the Platform as well as persons entrusted to a commissioner. auctioneer or a salesman with the mandate to sell one or more items belonging to him, alone or in batches, by means of online auctions on the Platform.

Auction sale : means the public auction of Objects as defined by Article L321-3 of the French Commercial Code and which may be either sales for which Bidders have the freedom to set the amount of their bids and / or sales for which the amount of the auction is automatically incremented by a specified bid amount.


2.1 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is a technical platform implemented by the company MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB SAS available for free from the website at and / or as an application for smartphones or tablets. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB allows Users to participate remotely, electronically in sales, and / or public auctions voluntary or judicial they organize. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is neither Seller nor Voluntary Sales Operator. The Platform is an intermediary that connects Sellers with Buyers by offering them spaces for presenting the objects offered for sale, in the form of a marketplace and / or electronic auction spaces. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB collects and records sales prices, offers Information Content and Ancillary Services but is not a party to the sales contract between a Vendor and a Buyer.

2.2- MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB allows Sellers (i) to advertise or communicate on Objects that they offer for sale via the Platform, (ii) to organize sales (sales at fixed price or on offer to purchase , auctions, pooled or not, thematic or not), (iii) to disseminate information concerning the objects offered for sale: essential characteristics, condition, price, original or not, drawing, date and time to bid, etc.

MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB allows Buyers (i) to freely consult the sales areas organized via the Platform, (ii) to buy or participate simultaneously or not in one or more sales, without limitation in number, by buying or making Offers as appropriate (iii) to receive information concerning the objects offered for sale and in particular their essential characteristics, condition, price, original or not, drawing, date and time to bid etc.

2.3-MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB also allows Users to have a Personal Space allowing them to consult, as the case may be, their contractual data, billing data and current regulations.

2.4 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB also offers to the Users of the Ancillary Services consisting mainly of information services on sales and / or auctions, forums of discussion, filters (objects favorites), fast auctions, virtual RDV between Users and Sellers with the option of previewing an Object with a view to offering it in a sale, information on sales results, comparators of carriers, etc.

2.5 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB also offers editorial articles highlighting themes or objects sold on the site independently. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is also an OTT television channel that broadcasts sponsored and non-sponsored programs on the theme of sales of objects organized or not by the Sellers: collectibles, auctions and the promotion of objects on sale on the market. site. The channel as publisher decides on the programming and the editorial choices, and the treatment of emissions, independently.


3.1 - The MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB Service is reserved for natural or legal persons with legal capacity.

3.2 - Registration: To use the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB Service Users must first register with MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB and create an account on the Platform.The access to the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB Service is done by authentication with an identifier and a word of past. During the first registration to the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB Service, the Users choose an identifier. A temporary password is assigned by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB. At the first login to the Service, Users are asked to change this password and to choose another password. Users can create as many accounts as they wish, under their responsibility. Users also provide a valid email address. This address will be used for any electronic communication between the parties. Use of the Service requires a connection and a recent internet browser and computer equipment. The browser must be configured to allow the implementation of session cookies. Users are informed that the Service is optimized for viewing on Internet browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

3.3 - Account creation: To create an account, Users must fill in the information on the registration form "Seller" or "Buyer", the fields marked with an asterisk are required. The creation of an account supposes to inform and to maintain a complete identity, postal co-ordinates, and the Sellers, legal entity, to provide a KBIS and for a Buyer, complete banking coordinates. Failing to be informed, the account can not be validly created. Users declare to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information and undertake to maintain or modify this information in use, as the case may be. Users are informed that, in the event of a false declaration, they are subject to the penalties provided for in Article 441-1 of the Penal Code.

3.4 - Users have the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of their username and password. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by fraudulent use of their online spaces. Users undertake to immediately notify MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB of any unauthorized use of their account. Any lost password will be reset by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB on request. An access code to the Service will be communicated and confirmed by email. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right not to comply with abusive requests for changes to the password made by Users.

3.5 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right to suspend and / or delete the accounts of Users in case of violation of these Terms of Use or failure of Users to their contractual and legal obligations. Users may only suspend access to their accounts after full payment of their purchases via the Platform.


4.1 - Obligations of Sellers:

4.1.1 - Sellers who organize one or more online sales on the Platform act as professional sellers. They are entirely responsible for the sales they organize or offers and are the guarantors of the items offered for sale. They use online spaces under their sole responsibility, even in the case of shared sales. For this purpose, they undertake to respect the following conditions:

· The announcement of a sale in an online space is subject to the indication of their full details, corporate name, registered office or address of their establishments, telephone numbers, fax and e-mail address.

· The posting of a proposed Object for sale is only possible subject to having, in the advertisement, made the pre-contractual information required by law: description and representation (photographs or animated images) of the Object, its essential characteristics and in particular its size, its color, its origin, its state, its price in euros, and to have specified its authentication, whether it is an original part or not.

· When they are not the owners of the Objects that they sell, the Sellers undertake to conclude prior to any sale and / or auction of the Objects the sales mandates with the sellers of these Objects, in the respect of the applicable legislation. It is specified that these owners can remain anonymous.

· In the case of sale with reserve price or auction bid, the Sellers remain free to accept the offer of the best bidder bids and the transactions will only be made after acceptance by the Sellers of the bid of purchase. The Sellers undertake to confirm their choices within a maximum of 5 days.

· The Sellers undertake to deliver the Objects presented in their personal spaces and refrain from delivering Objects different from those sold.

The Sellers are liable for misrepresentation, lack of authenticity, sale of counterfeit goods or improper performance of their contract or any other fault causing damage to the Buyer.

It is reminded that the Sellers are not subject to any exclusivity obligation of the Objects they offer for sale via the Platform. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB may, however, request a priority and / or a period of exclusivity in the event that MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB makes exceptional promotions in editorial, graphic or audio-visual productions.

4.1.2 - The Platform allows, under certain conditions, the realization of public auctions on line reserved for the Voluntary Sales Operators. Not all Sellers can organize public auctions online. It is reminded that Sellers who organize online public auctions act as professional sellers subject to the specific obligations of the Voluntary Sales Operators within the meaning of Articles L321-1 and following of the French Commercial Code. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is not a public auction company. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is an online electronic brokerage platform and therefore does not intervene in the auction process. For these sales, the Sellers undertake to respect the specific obligations relating to the public auctions and in particular to inform the Object, fix an estimate and to authenticate the Objects offered for sale as the case may be. The auction forms the Sale. They must also enact Special Conditions of Sale which must be previously accepted by the participants in the sale fixing the nature of the auction (free auction, fast, automated) and its contractual terms of sale to know if they are free, fast or automated. It is up to these Sellers to remind the users of auction rooms of the regulatory obligations related to auctions and in particular for Cultural Objects the right of pre-emption belonging to the State.

4.1.3 - Sellers can only stop a sale in case of force majeure whose reason must be communicated to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB as soon as possible.

4.2 - Obligations of Buyers:

4.2.1 - Buyers who make purchases or make offers to purchase via the Platform undertake to honor the purchases they make, particularly with regard to the price. They are fully responsible for the price offers they offer.

Buyers have the opportunity to buy an Object offered for sale online, either for Sale at Fixed Price, or Sale on Offer to Purchase.

In case of Fixed Price Sale, Buyers can buy the Items offered at the prices set by the Sellers, directly by clicking on the corresponding purchase icon. The validation of purchases is made after acceptance of the basket. The sale is perfect once the price paid.

In case of Sale on Offer of Purchase, Buyers have the possibility to issue Offers in a price range set by the Sellers or to set a price freely. In this case, the Sales will be perfect only after acceptance by the Sellers of the offer to purchase. This acceptance must occur within a maximum of 5 days.

4.2.2 - Buyers have the opportunity to participate in online public auctions organized by Voluntary Sales Operators on the Platform. These Voluntary Sales Operators are mandated by the owners of the Objects they offer for sale and organize their public auctions in accordance with the obligations of articles L321-1 and following of the French Commercial Code. Participation in a public auction gives the quality of Bidder. A Bidder may participate in one or more auctions at the same time and bid on multiple sales. The auction consists of placing in an online auction room an offer to purchase consisting of a price. The Bidder who has not paid a lot will be able to continue bidding on the lots on which he has already bid but will not be able to bid on a new lot. At the close of the auction, if the bid of a Bidder is the highest bid, the auction will be made for the benefit of this Bidder. The Adjudication carries out realization of the cash of the auction for the benefit of the successful Bidder, without delay of retraction.


5.1 - Any Purchase made via the Platform by a Buyer is automatically notified to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB who receives the price and orders it up to the Seller. The payment is made cash by credit card or bank transfer from the bank account of the Purchaser informed when registering or updated during the use of the Platform. The payment corresponds to the price of the sale, plus all fees, commissions and taxes applicable and previously made known to the Buyer in the spaces of the Sellers or for specific sales such as auctions, at the time of sale. registration for sale in the Special Conditions of Sale. The payment by the Buyer results in the issue of a receipt of the sale price by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB records the payment received for a period of 30 (thirty) days following the delivery of the Object to the Buyer or its withdrawal.

5.2 - Payment services on MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB are provided by PAYPAL and are subject to compliance with the conditions of use of PAYPAL services By using the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB services. The User agrees to use the Mangopay services.


6.1 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is not responsible for the removal or delivery of the items sold via the Platform. It is up to the Vendors to set the terms (time, place, penalties in case of late withdrawal, type of transport) in accordance with the law and to communicate them in advance to the buyers in the spaces of presentation of the objects and, for the sales to the public auctions, in the Special Conditions of Sale. It is reminded that the maximum delivery time is maximum of 30 (thirty) days. The withdrawal or delivery can be made only after full payment by a Buyer to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB of the price of the Object and confirmation by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB to the Seller.

6.2 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB offers to the Buyers to be put in contact with external service providers partners of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB in the case where he would like to benefit from service of packing, transport or delivery of the Objects acquired. These paid products or services will be paid directly by the Buyers to the service providers. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB can not be held responsible for any delay or failure to deliver an Object.


7.1 - In accordance with Article L121-21 of the Consumer Code, for all online sales of the Platform acting as "marketplace", which are not auctions, any Buyer has a delay of 14 ( fourteen) days from receipt of the Object to exercise the right of withdrawal. Within this period, the Buyer must inform MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB, in the space reserved for this purpose of its desire to retract by using the withdrawal form accessible via the following link: contact @ MEDIAFISHER /

7.2 - If the object has not yet been sent, MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB will proceed to receive the notice of withdrawal, the refund of the amount paid by the Buyer. This refund will be made within the maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the withdrawal decision.

In the event that the Object has already been shipped or is in the course of shipment upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal, the return charges of the Object will be borne by the Buyer, who must comply with the instructions. the Seller's particular carriage. The refund will be made within the period of 14 (fourteen) days. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB will however be authorized to postpone the refund until notification by the Seller of the good reception of the return of the Object.

7.3 - Notwithstanding the common law of online sales and pursuant to Article L121-21-8-11 ° of the Consumer Code, public auctions are free, with no possibility of withdrawal.It belongs to the professional sellers to remind in their Specific Conditions applicable to auctions to specify that they do not include any possibility of withdrawal. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB can not be held responsible for the lack of information.


8.1 - Buyer's warranties: Every Purchaser guarantees to have the legal capacity to acquire the Objects offered for sale and to have the necessary funds for this purpose. The Buyer uses his online space under his sole responsibility and guarantees to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB that only he can access the data stored in his online space.

8.2 - Guarantees Seller: The Seller guarantees that the Objects he offers for sale:

· Are not encumbered with rights of third parties that may prevent the sale or are counterfeits or objects whose origin is illegal;

· Are presented as is and the information provided on these Objects is accurate.

In addition, the Seller who does not own the Items offered for sale guarantees:

· To make sure of the quality of owner of the Seller of the objects put on sale by him on the platform MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB;

· To be duly mandated for this purpose;

· Have informed the selling owner of the sale of the Objects via the Platform.

8.3 - The Seller further guarantees that he holds all the intellectual property rights in the images, recordings and catalogs or that he has all the authorizations of the owners and rights holders so that these images, recordings and / or catalogs , in whole or in part, may be reproduced, represented and disseminated in any form whatsoever (photography, videos) on the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB platform and on the OTT MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB channel.

8.4 - Consequently, the Seller guarantees MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB against any action, claim, claim or opposition of any person invoking a right of material or intellectual property on the objects put on sale and undertakes to indemnify MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB for any claim formulated against him or any indemnities and convictions made by third parties because of one or more auctions that took place via the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB Platform.


9.1 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB as service provider benefits from the specific regime of the responsibility of the hosts as set by the law 2004-575 21 June 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy. In addition, MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is not a seller and does not intervene in the realization of sales for which the Vendors are responsible. In particular, MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB does not intervene in the pricing, the conduct of bids, the fixing of additional costs, such as the cost of transporting the items sold.

9.2 - The description of the Objects, as to their condition, legality, quality or authenticity or conformity does not engage the responsibility of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB.

9.3- The responsibility of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB can not be engaged, directly or indirectly, because of the damages suffered by the Users or their equipment, related:

· An interruption of the Platform independent of the will of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB and / or motivated by any misconduct or not;

· Any incident or interruption of the Platform caused by a malfunction and / or inadequate equipment, materials and / or software and infrastructure of a User;

· To a case of force majeure;

· The unauthorized intrusion of a third party into the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB computer system resulting in the dissemination of harmful software;

· Any commercial prejudice, loss of customers, loss of control, commercial disorder, loss of profit, loss of brand image.


10.1 - The service is available 7 days on 7, 24h on 24h, from all over the world. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or prohibit, without notice, access to the Service for reasons of maintenance or for any other legitimate reason. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right to block access to registration in certain territories.

10.2 - The unavailability of the Service gives no right to any compensation in favor of Sellers and Buyers. In case of prolonged unavailability of the Service, the Users are informed and are invited to perform their actions by an alternative way.


MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB has put in place security measures concerning the identification of Users, the confidentiality of their data and the integrity of the information stored and transmitted. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB undertakes to take all useful and reasonable precautions to preserve the security of the data collected from the Sellers and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or unauthorized third parties having access to them.


12.1 - Users are informed that all the elements of sales and / or auction spaces are protected by intellectual property rights, they are therefore prohibited, under pain of civil and criminal penalties for counterfeiting, to reproduce or cause to be reproduced the creations, works, objects or elements protected by intellectual property rights, in whole or in part, temporarily or definitively, by any process, known or unknown, on any support, in particular and without limitation any website, intranet network, audiovisual service, messaging, removable media, decentralized exchange network and peers to peer, all products and publications and of any kind. Users can use without written agreement any excerpt or video broadcast edited by the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB channel. Moreover, MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is a protected French trademark registered with the Inpi, under the number 4253396.

12.2 - MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB authorizes the establishment of hypertext links including deep to its pages, except those containing public information or elements protected by intellectual property rights whose reuse is subject to special conditions or payment of a fee. The explicit mention of the site and its address https: //www.MEDIAFISHER / in the title of the link is imperative. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right to request the deletion of a link that it considers not in conformity with the object of the site. The site offers links to sites over which MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB has no control. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is not responsible for the content of these sites.


13.1 - Purposes of the treatments: The personal data collected on the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB site are the subject of an automated processing. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is responsible for the processing of files in compliance with the law 78-17 6 January 1978 called "Computing and Freedoms" and the General Regulation on data protection 27 April 2016 said "RGPD". MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB collects personal data on various occasions, in particular when registering on the Platform and when using the Service. This data is used for the purposes of the various services and features offered to Users via the site and in connection with the conclusion, management and execution of sales.

The declarative personal data are those provided by the persons concerned via registration or contractual forms. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB takes into account the principles of data minimization. As a result, relevant, adequate and limited information is collected that is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

Mandatory reporting data is marked with an asterisk * on the collection medium. Other data is optional but may limit access to certain services or products offered by MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB or features offered on the website.

The collected data may be transmitted to the partners or affiliates of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB for the needs of the services concerned or for prospecting purposes. All persons having access to Users' personal data are bound by a confidentiality obligation. These people include authorized personnel within MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB, service providers and affiliates. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB providers may also be required to process personal data strictly necessary for the performance of the services entrusted to them. These service providers are subject to the same requirements of respect for personal data and their protection. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB partners can also send offers to Users via email, unless opposed.

13.2 - Categories of personal data processed: Users are informed that the categories of personal data processed in their online spaces include the management of access to the Service:

· The e-mail address

· The login ID chosen

· The chosen password

And the use of the Service and its features:

· Civility

· Last name, usage name or nickname

·First names) ;

· Landline or mobile phone number;

· The postal address

·Bank details.

Other personal data may be collected according to the profile of Users and the use of the site. Users are invited to consult the Legals page of the Platform which details this information.

The personal data communicated to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB are necessary for:

· Register Sellers and Buyers information;

· Manage Sellers and Buyers accounts;

· Cash in payments

· Receive offers from MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB and possibly its partners;

· Realize statistics.

Personal data is retained as long as Users are contractually bound to MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB. The data is deleted at the end of the contract.

13.3 - Exercise of Rights: Any User of the Platform has a right to access, rectify, modify and delete personal data concerning him. Thus, it may require that information concerning it which is inaccurate, incomplete or whose collection or use or preservation is prohibited, be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted. Each Site User may exercise these rights:

· Via a dedicated page on the site using his email and his password,

· To the recording of the various operations on its data via the export function available on the site,

· By contacting contact @ MEDIAFISHER /

· Via each email received from MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB,

· By sending a letter to the address of MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB 49 Boulevard Saint Denis - 92400 Courbevoie


In the event of dissemination of content on the Site, of any nature whatsoever, the Users undertake, under pain of indemnifying MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB and under penalty of exclusion from the Site, to have no behavior, nor about :

· Contrary to public order and morality;

· Abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist or offensive to the honor or reputation of others;

· Encouraging discrimination, hatred of a person or group of people because of their origin, sexual orientation, belonging or non-belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race or a determined religion;

· Threatening a person or group of people;

· Degrading or damaging the human person or his integrity;

· Inciting to commit a crime, a crime or an act of terrorism or advocating war crimes or crimes against humanity;

· Appealing to the generosity of the public (donations);

· Allowing third parties to obtain directly or indirectly counterfeit works of the mind;

· Violating the privacy of others or the secrecy of correspondence;

· Violating the right to the image of people.

In general, Users adopt a courteous and respectful behavior especially with respect to other members of the Site.

Users are informed that in the event of a request from the judicial authorities, MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB is authorized to transmit any login data allowing the identification of the Users if they are identified as being at the origin of a content or a unlawful behavior.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale may be amended at any time without notice, depending on changes to the Service, changes in the law or for any other legitimate reason. The version of the General Conditions of Use and Sale of the Service enforceable between the parties is permanently available on the MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB website. MEDIAFISHER / AUCTIONLAB reserves the right to edit Special Terms of Use for some of its services that supplement these Terms of Use and Sale.


For any dispute that may arise on the interpretation or execution of these, the parties agree to apply French law. The parties will submit their dispute to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts.

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