Gérard Depardieu sells the contents of his Parisian restaurant at auction with the auction house Ader

10 July 2019 News

Wines and furniture: Gérard Depardieu auctions off the goods of his Parisian restaurant Everything must disappear! Dishes, furniture, linen, decoration, unusual objects, curtains, bottles of vintage wines, Gérard Depardieu sells all the goods of his Parisian restaurant “La Fontaine Gaillon”. An auction as discreet as it is highly anticipated… Big names wine It is indeed ...

Felix Schivo, or the opening to the world

15 March 2019 News

Out of the more or less three hundred lots that count the dispersion of the workshop of the sculptor and engraver Félix Schivo (1924-2006), beyond the amount of work done, it is certainly his polymorphic character that intrigues most. Large re-terprétées statues from the universe of the engraver Jacques Callot (1592-1635) rub shoulders with busts with tight planes; Small terracottas with bright colors, appearing people of Righteousness, adjoining with engravings where dominates a deep and mysterious black; Drawings of landscapes Pyrenees or Aveyronnais dialogue with large polychromatic plasters of animals or Mime Marceau, and cracked ceramics.