The copy of a Rembrandt is in fact a Work of the Master

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A nearly 400-year-old painting that had long been attributed to an unknown artist in Rembrandt's studio is now deemed to be a work of the Dutch master himself and thanks to technology

For decades the Allentown Art Museum exhibited an oil-on-oak panel painting titled "Portrait of a Young Woman" and attributed it to "Rembrandt's Workshop". Two years ago, the painting was sent to New York University for preservation and cleaning.

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For decades the Allentown Art Museum exhibited an oil-on-oak panel painting titled "Portrait of a Young Woman" and attributed it to "Rembrandt's Workshop". Two years ago, the painting was sent to New York University for preservation and cleaning.

There the restorers began to remove the coats of dark, thick repaint and varnish that had been added over the centuries - and they began to suspect that Rembrandt himself was responsible for the original, delicate brushwork.

“Our painting had many coats of varnish and it really obscured what you could see of the original brush, as well as the original color,” said Elaine Mehalakes, vice president of the Allentown Art Museum.

The curators used a variety of tools, including x-rays, infrared and electron microscopy, to support the idea that this was the work of one of the most important and revered artists of the history.

Scientific analysis "showed a brushwork, and a liveliness of this work, which is very much in line with other works by Rembrandt," said Shan Kuang, a curator at the Institute of Fine Arts of the New York University who restored "Portrait of a Young Woman".

External experts who examined the 1632 painting after the completion of its two-year restoration agreed with NYU's assessment that it is an authentic Rembrandt.

When "Portrait of a Young Woman" was bequeathed to the museum in 1961, it was considered a Rembrandt. About ten years later, a panel of experts determined that he had been painted by one of his assistants. Such changes in attribution are not unusual: Over the centuries, as many as 688 and even 265 paintings have been attributed to the artist, according to Mehalakes.

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Italian glassware from a European Private Collection at Piasa

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THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2020, 18 p.m.

Besides Brazilian, American and Scandinavian design, Italian production of the XNUMXth century occupies a central place in the sales organized by PIASA.

This auction dedicated to Italian glassware from a private European collection offers collectors a glimpse of the diversity and virtuosity of the master glassmakers who, in Murano or elsewhere, have hoisted this millenary technique to the highest level.

The pieces of creators such as Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978) and Fulvio Bianconi (1915-1996) show the links between glassware and other arts, including sculpture and painting.

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Fulvio Bianconi (1915-1996)

Born in Padua in 1915, Fulvio Bianconi began his career as an apprentice glassmaker in Murano under the direction of Michael Pinto. At the end of experiments in illustration and graphics, he meets glassmaker Paolo Venini. His production is characterized by a wide variety of typologies (works of art, vases, lamps, etc.). Eminently sensual, the forms of his pieces are marked by a very marked chromaticism which is reminiscent of abstract painting at that time.

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Fulvio Bianconi (1915-1996)


Blown glass

Venini Edition

Signed and dated 'Bianconi 1969'

Date de création: 1969

H 29,5 x W 13,5 x D 10,5 cm

Bibliography: "Fulvio Bianconi alla Venini", 2015, p. 290

Estimate: 20 / 000 euros

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Fulvio Bianconi (1915-1996)

Blown glass

IVR Mazzega Edition

Master glassmaker Ermanno Nason

Signed and dated 'Fulvio Bianconi 1940'

H 15 x W 32 x D 14 cm

Estimate: 4 / 000 euros

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Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978)

After graduating in 1926, Carlo Scarpa in turn taught at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice. The plastic possibilities of glass led him to come into contact with the Cappellin glassworks, of which he would become the artistic advisor. He then explores the countless combinations between the chromatic nuances and the tactile properties of the materials used.

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Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978)

Blown glass

Venini Edition (label)

Engraved 'Venini Italia 81'

H 6 x W 34,5 x D 23 cm

Estimate: 4 / 000 euros

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118 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris FRANCE
+33 1 53 34 10 10

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Heritage Auctions, $ 824,7 million in sales in 2019

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DALLAS, Texas (February 5, 2020) - Heritage Auctions,, has announced that its total annual sales for 2019 exceeded $ 824,7 million, thanks to good results and several top sales that established world records.

Heritage recorded total sales of $ 824 for the 761 calendar year, including $ 706 from auctions and $ 2019 from private sales. Total online sales hit a record high of $ 559, accounting for 931% of all sales, dollar volume and the highest percentage of sales of any auction house in the world.

“We set several world records over the past year and our overseas offices continue to grow at a strong pace, which has helped our sales hold up in a tough economic environment,” said Jim Halperin, co -Founder of Heritage Auctions. "These results and our long-term investments in the company have enabled us to position ourselves for a strong year 2020".

The company's main category, rare American coins, generated $ 181,3 million in auctions, giving heritage auctions 55% of the global market for rare American coins. Heritage sold the most valuable rare American coin on the market in 2019: the 1885 dollar, the thinnest known in the trade, rated NGC PR66, which achieved a record $ 3. Other records include three more seven-digit coins, as well as the April sale of a 960 Kennedy half-dollar, which sold for a world record of $ 000, making it the world's largest coin. expensive of its kind.

High-profile sales of World & Ancient Coins topped $ 59 million. Continued investment in the category has recently enabled customers to offer a new online feature that displays high quality photographs of ancient and global coins taken by independent grading companies, when available for auction lots. Internet auctions.

Auctions by the company's Comics department reached a record high of $ 79, with sale rates exceeding 332%, both in value and number of lots. This total is the highest ever in the department's 770 years of existence, and represents a jump of more than 99% from the previous record of $ 18 established in 35.

The department's most notable upcoming world record was the $ 5,4 million sale of the Egyptian Queen, 1969, Frank Frazetta's masterpiece, who now holds the world record as the most expensive coin. of original comic book art never sold at auction.

Sales of collectibles and sports memorabilia exceeded $ 70 million on more than 23 lots. World records include the most expensive post-war baseball jersey, after the $ 000 auction of the New York Yankees jersey worn by Lou Gehrig in 2. One prize The record for a Heisman Trophy was set in October when the auction for the trophy awarded to Ricky Williams closed at $ 580.

The number of private collections that Heritage brought to the market in 2019 largely contributed to the sale of this trophy. Among them, the Neil Armstrong Collection ™ family recorded by far the world's most expensive Gold Robbins Medal ever auctioned. Armstrong's personal medal, transported by module, was sold in July to a private collector for $ 2.

Art sales jumped $ 10 million to $ 60,4 million, a 20% increase from 2018. Notable sales include Wayne's Blueberry Custard, 1961, by Wayne Thiebaud, who set the house record for its most expensive modern and contemporary work of art, at $ 3.

Heritage continues to see its client base grow, reaching last year a milestone of 1,25 million registered online bidders, who use, Heritage's online platform, to buy and sell collectibles in its stores. more than 40 categories of collection.

Heritage Auctions is the largest art and collectibles auction house founded in the United States, and the largest collectibles auctioneer in the world. Heritage has offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

In illustration: Wayne Thiebaud (born in 1920). Bilberry cream, 1961. Oil on canvas. 18 x 24 inches (45,7 x 61,0 cm). Signed and dated

Heritage auctions image credit

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Max Guazzini - Millon Sale

Results: The sale of Max Guazzini with the Millon study

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Max Guazzini, former director and programmer of Radio NRJ has entrusted the sale of his collection of Gold records to the auction house Millon. The purpose of this auction: To raise money for the creation of an animal shelter with the Bardot Foundation.

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220 discs for sale by the Stars' confidant

Nearly 220 gold, diamond and platinum records were offered for sale on January 23 at the Hotel Drouot. The press was there. Photographers, television teams jostled to interview Max Guazzini, the former boss of the Stade Français who at the beginning of his life had tried to get into the song. Without much success as a singer, Max Guazzini is the friend of French and international stars. [/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "4.2.2"]

A total of 167 euros for mistreated animals

The surprise was total for Max Guazzini who expected a sales result of around 60 euros. It must be said that the upstream work of the Millon study team made it possible to have an archicomble room and to obtain surprises on artists less known internationally - 000 euros for example for David's Silver disc. and Jonathan or 200 euros for Elsa for the title "don't go" [/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "4.2.2"]

Records for Mylène Farmer, Johnny Hallyday

Make way for the sales records for these auctions of Gold Records from the Max Guazzini collection: the double platinum disc "So be I" by Mylène Farmer, dating from 1988, went to 6 €, the triple disc of Johnny Hallyday's diamond amounted to 200 euros. Max Guazzini was thrilled at the end of the sale. He was able to sign some gold records handed out by new buyers. To see the sales results, it's here [/ Et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

Amazing collection of Butterflies at auction

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Friday January 24th will take place the spectacular auction of a collection of Butterflies in Bordeaux offered by the house Briscadieu.

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More than 600 boxes will be on display again this morning before the auction. This collection by Claude Dupont, an antique dealer who died a few months ago, offers us a panel of the most beautiful specimens. A collection he started at the age of 12. The butterflies are extremely well preserved. They were staged in a small museum that Claude Dupont had set up to share his crazy passion.

A couple of Ornithoptera Alexandrae from New Guinea is the highlight of this sale.

Friday January 24, 2020 10:00 am
Bordeaux, 12-14, rue Peyronnet 33800 Bordeaux

You can consult the catalog here.

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Elsa Gody

Portrait of an auctioneer: Elsa Gody, the treasure of Chartres

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A smile in her voice, terms always used with accuracy, we would like to spend the day with Elsa Gody-Baubau, describing her profession and the admiration she has for her. end of the 19ème, the Napoleon III period. As much for the decorative arts as painting, she describes her favorite period as " lquintessence, a time of incredible abundance ". Impressed by the works ofHonoré Daumier or Felicien Rops that she conjures up with stars in her eyes, Master Gody explains that it is " almost his daily life »To find objects from this period in the inventories and estates that his activity as an auctioneer at the Chartres study shows him.

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After a bac + 5 research in right private in Bordeaux, Elsa Gody does not find, as she says herself " his cup of tea ”Among the law courses offered to him. It was after an internship in Bergerac, where she came from, with Maître Biraben, that she did “ just to see »That she finally decides to pursue studies in history of art.

This is the Sorbonne then at the school of Louvre that she does her apprenticeship, then begins as intern at Artcurial. "On weekends, I ran the contemporary art gallery that the auction house at the Champs-Élysées roundabout still had at the time," can devote the days of the week to his studies. Elsa Gody then makes her internship, after getting the entrance examination for auctioneer, at Master's Frederic Laurent of Rummel , where she spent 6 years valuing and selling artefacts from the region. . Today, she occupies the position of authorized auctioneer and is in charge, in pairs, of classic and current sales in Chartres.

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image src = "" align_tablet = "center" align_phone = "" align_last_edited = "on | desktop "admin_label =" Image "_builder_version =" 3.23 "animation_style =" fade "animation_duration =" 500ms "use_border_color =" off "border_color =" # ffffff "border_style =" solid "animation =" fade_in "sticky =" off "always_center_on_mobile =" on "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row admin_label =" Line "_builder_version =" 3.25 "background_size =" initial "background_position =" top_left "background_repeat =" repeat "] [et_pb_4column type =" 4 _builder_version = "3.25" custom_padding = "|||" custom_padding__hover = "|||"] [et_pb_text admin_label = "Text" _builder_version = "3.27.4" text_font_size = "17" background_size = "initial" background_position = "top_left" background_repeat = "repeat" use_border_color = "off" border_color = " #ffffff "border_style =" solid "]

A treasure, not just on TV

Very cheerful, she tells us how she recently put on a treasure found during an inventory. When opening the closet in a bedroom, the auctioneer saw a silver sheen above on a shelf. It was a beautiful Chinese jewelry box from the early 20th century which the owners did not know existed! The survivor was sold to the study of Saint Germain in laye € 7550 (costs included) during the sale on March 19.

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image src = "" align_tablet = "center" align_phone = "" align_last_edited = "on | desktop "admin_label =" Image "_builder_version =" 3.23 "animation_style =" fade "animation_duration =" 500ms "use_border_color =" off "border_color =" # ffffff "border_style =" solid "animation =" fade_in "sticky =" off "always_center_on_mobile =" on "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row admin_label =" Line "_builder_version =" 3.25 "background_size =" initial "background_position =" top_left "background_repeat =" repeat "] [et_pb_4column type =" 4 _builder_version = "3.25" custom_padding = "|||" custom_padding__hover = "|||"] [et_pb_text admin_label = "Text" _builder_version = "4.2.1" text_font_size = "17" background_size = "initial" background_position = "top_left" background_repeat = "repeat" use_border_color = "off" border_color = " #ffffff "border_style =" solid "]

"Since the show, people come as sellers and leave as buyers"

The participation ofElsa Gody à issue « A treasure in your house Is a very positive experience for the young woman. Of course, she brought him notoriety, but also other positive points from which she is still reaping the benefits today. Among the changes, she mentions the pedagogy that brought the program broadcast on M6 who " was used to educate people, especially about prices. That is, sellers accept better than some things have a high sentimental value but lower pecuniary value. They understand little by little that it will be more on objects that we will reach certain prices on sale than on furniture. They also understood the role of auctioneer and his expert eye, to whom iThey can entrust lots for sale instead of presenting them on well known websites. " This has open auction rooms to a new audience and allowed to change the staid and elitist image auction rooms.

« The treasure brought a virtue democratizingWho popularizedin the good sense of the word, auction in oopening the auction room to as many people as possible, but without lowering the quality of sales. There are more and more people who come as sellers and leave as buyers».

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image src = "" align_tablet = "center" align_phone = "" align_last_edited = "on | desktop "admin_label =" Image "_builder_version =" 3.23 "animation_style =" fade "animation_duration =" 500ms "use_border_color =" off "border_color =" # ffffff "border_style =" solid "animation =" fade_in "sticky =" off "always_center_on_mobile =" on "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row admin_label =" Line "_builder_version =" 3.25 "background_size =" initial "background_position =" top_left "background_repeat =" repeat "] [et_pb_4column type =" 4 _builder_version = "3.25" custom_padding = "|||" custom_padding__hover = "|||"] [et_pb_text admin_label = "Text" _builder_version = "3.27.4" text_font_size = "17" background_size = "initial" background_position = "top_left" background_repeat = "repeat" use_border_color = "off" border_color = " #ffffff "border_style =" solid "]

"A woman auctioneer is not an image of Épinal"

During the casting, the choice of the production of the issue has focused on Elsa Gody. Indeed, in addition to his talents of auctioneer, to freshness and his dynamism, the young woman was able to bring a touch Women just like the profession.

Personally, for our auctioneer, it also allowed it to establish a certain legitimacy. Indeed, she explains to us that the fdemining of the profession is still criticized " a woman auctioneer is not an image of Épinal ". But the show granted Master Gody save time in this quest for recognition as an auctioneer woman, bringing him a maturity and authority in the eyes of customers: " no one doubts my expertise »She confides to us. It is very regularly that those who frequent the auction room ask him about "A treasure in your house": " but when does it resume? »

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image src = "" align_tablet = "center" align_phone = "" align_last_edited = "on | desktop "admin_label =" Image "_builder_version =" 3.23 "animation_style =" fade "animation_duration =" 500ms "use_border_color =" off "border_color =" # ffffff "border_style =" solid "animation =" fade_in "sticky =" off "always_center_on_mobile =" on "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row admin_label =" Line "_builder_version =" 3.25 "background_size =" initial "background_position =" top_left "background_repeat =" repeat "] [et_pb_4column type =" 4 _builder_version = "3.25" custom_padding = "|||" custom_padding__hover = "|||"] [et_pb_text admin_label = "Text" _builder_version = "4.2.1" text_font_size = "17" background_size = "initial" background_position = "top_left" background_repeat = "repeat" use_border_color = "off" border_color = " #ffffff "border_style =" solid "]

Expertise Day, Wednesday January 22, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m., at the Galerie de Chartres sales area, 10 rue Claude-Bernard, in Coudray. Information on

updated January 21, 2020

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A treasure in your home on 6ter

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Give a second life to objects? Go shopping in auction rooms and second-hand shops? Each year, there are about 15 million French people who participate in flea markets, flea markets or garage sales. It is one of the favorite passions of the French, who also like to see that everything is bought and everything is sold in front of their TV.

The daily program "Affaire Conclue" broadcast since 2019 on France 2, presents an audience that continues to climb.

Nevertheless, it was M6 which was the first to launch its show dedicated to the backstage of auction houses in 2010 with “Un Trésor dans votre maison” produced by Mediafisher / Gtnco. Over the seasons, the show, broadcast in prime-time access on Saturdays, gathered more than two million viewers by helping French people to unearth the treasures hidden in their homes, goods then offered for auction. You may know it, but auctionlab, the news site on the world of auctions and objects, was launched by Cyril Chamalet, the producer of "A treasure in your house"and "Made in France auctions, .

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src="" _builder_version="4.0.11"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version="4.0.11"]

These General Terms and Conditions are subdivided into:

The return of "A treasure in your house"

Good news ! We will find Jérôme Anthony, the historical presenter of the show! Indeed, the M6 ​​group now offers a daily broadcast of "A treasure in your house" on 6ter. Also, since the beginning of January, Jérôme Anthony has been giving you an appointment on channel 22 on Wednesdays at 6 am and 15 pm. Accompanied by Elsa Gody and Emmanuel Layan, they play their role of auctioneer under the spotlight and visit individuals all over France to estimate the objects and furniture that make up their interior and then offer them to customers. auction.

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image _builder_version = "4.0.11"] [/ et_pb_image] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "4.0.11"]

These General Terms and Conditions are subdivided into:

Jérôme Anthony and Emmanuel Layan

These General Terms and Conditions are subdivided into:

How to recognize massive silver? How to tell the difference between a real and a fake Gallé vase? How to recognize the different woods of a piece of furniture? What should you look out for before buying a designer lamp?

So as not to miss a treasure, Emmanuel Layan has compiled his tips and tricks in two books to guide us. He gives us his writing secrets exclusively on auctionlab.

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Artcurial Results | Te Bourao Ii - Paul Gauguin Auctions

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Artcurial creates the event on Tuesday, December 3 during its sale dedicated to Modern & Impressionist Art by awarding the Tahitian masterpiece Te Bourao II by Paul Gauguin 9,5 M € / 10,5 M $ including fees, near twice his estimate. Awarded by an international collector, the latter indicates that the painting will remain in France. No work from the artist's Tahitian period had been presented on the French market for more than twenty years.

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Te Bourao II comes from a major cycle of nine Paul Gauguin paintings made in Tahiti and sent to Paris in 1898 as part of an exhibition dedicated to the artist at the Ambroise Vollard Gallery. Among these masterpieces was the iconic painting Where do we come from ? What are we? Where are we going ?. From this set, Te Bourao II remains today the only one still in private hands; the other eight adorn the picture rails of the most prestigious institutions: the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg or the Orsay Museum in Paris.

From 1898 to the present day, Te Bourao II has been featured in Paul Gauguin's main exhibitions around the Tahitian period around the world, at the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, at the Museum of Art in Batum- lore, at the Grand Palais or at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. She even received a ten-year long-term loan at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, from 2007 to 2017.

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Artcurial: Impressionist & Modern I & II Post-War & Contemporary I & II

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Impressionist & Modern I & II Post-War & Contemporary I & II From November 29 to 3 December 2019, Paris

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Discover the exhibition

The exhibitions of the departments Impressionist & Modern et Post-War & Contemporary open their doors within theHôtel Marcel Dassault until December 3, 2019. The exhibition Impressionist & Modern will honor a masterpiece by Paul Gauguin: Te Bourao (II). Painted in 1897 in Tahiti, oil on canvas is a testament work synthesizing the Tahitian themes and obsessions of the artist, in the grip of many torments. This painting will be auctioned for the first time after being exhibited in major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, the Grand Palais and the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. The exhibition Post-War & Contemporary will offer an exceptional selection of paintings by renowned artists such as Zao Wou-ki, Pierre Soulages as well as the sale of two private collections, one consisting of 14 works by Jean-Paul Riopelle and the other of 20 works by Georges Mathieu. Sculpture and photography will also be represented through works by Francois-Xavier Lalanne, César, Arman, Richard Prince or Louise Lawler. Public exhibitions: Friday November 29, 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. Saturday November 30, 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. Sunday December 1, 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. Monday December 2, 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. Tuesday December 3, 10 a.m. to 14 p.m. Auctions : Impressionist & Modern I: Tuesday December 3, 20 p.m. Impressionist & Modern II: Wednesday December 4, 14 p.m. Post-War & Contemporain I: Tuesday December 3, 20:30 p.m. Post-War & Contemporain II: Wednesday December 4, 16:30 p.m.
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HERMÈS: dispatch bag (or briefcase) in black grained calfskin

Ivory Nîmes organizes an auction filled with treasures

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The sale of art objects, furniture, paintings and jewels, Saturday November 30, organized by Françoise Kusel and Pierre Champion, auctioneers, is a great opportunity to make his Christmas shopping and discover the universe auctions.

Appointment on Saturday 30 November 2019 to 14h

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The 600 lots of sale bring together various worlds such as fashion and affordable luxury (Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, YSL); jewelery (diamonds, antique jewelery, Coral Art Deco earrings and diamonds, Ceylon Xylum sapphire 4 carats ...); but also that of vintage vehicles like the Citroën DS5 estimated between 23 22 and 000 25 €.

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"This sale is also an opportunity to discover or
rediscover the universe of objets d'art, antique furniture, and artists of old and more contemporary paintings such as
François Desnoyer (1894-1972), a painter from Montauban whose rating is interesting, "explains Pierre Champion.

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In the category "furniture", the choice of the auctioneer is on a starter table to 1900 mahogany and silver, all ornaments and accessories are silver, which is rather rare. (Note: lot 462, est.3000 / 5000 €).

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Finally, collectors and numismatists should be at the rendezvous to bid on the spot, by phone or live on the internet for 150 lots of antique coins or gold on sale from 9h ( et

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An exhibition is organized on Wednesday 27 November from 14h30 to 18h and on Thursday 28 November from 10h to 18h to discover the lots on sale.

Contact: P. Champion F. Kusel: 04 66 67 52 74 -21, rue de l'Agau - 30000 Nîmes and the site of the auction house

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Fine results for the auction "Cartoon" of the house Artcurial

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On Saturday 23 November, Artcurial invited fans of the 9th art to a successful biannual Comic Strip, which totals 1,2 M € / 1,3 M $. A rare framed board of the Stone Vessel by designer Enki Bilal wins the highest prize of this auction at € 117 / $ 000. A bronze sculpture representing the acolytes Tintin and Snowy, produced in 128 by Nat Neujean under the direction of Hergé, seduces collectors and reaches 700 € / 1975 $.

[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "4.0.6" column_structure = "1_2,1_2" hover_enabled = "0"] [et_pb_column _builder_version = "4.0.6" type = "1_2"] et_pb_image src = "éisée-en-1975-.png" _builder_version = "4.0.6" hover_enabled = "0"] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column _builder_version = "4.0.6" type = "1_2"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "4.0.6" hover_enabled = "0"] Lot 211: NAT NEUJEAN, Tintin et Milou, Bronze sculpture made in 1975 by Nat Neujean under the direction of Hergé. Height: 72 cm. Sold € 84 / $ 500 including fees (estimate: € 92 - 950) [/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "50"] [et_pb_column _builder_version = "000 "type =" 60_000 "] [et_pb_text _builder_version =" 4.0.6 "hover_enabled =" 4.0.6 "]
PARIS - Saturday 23 November, Artcurial welcomed fans of the 9th art for a sale devoted to Comics. The auction, directed by François Tajan to a full house, totaled € 1 / $ 189. Modern comics conquered the hearts of collectors with designer Enki Bilal, who won the highest prize of this auction with a rare framed board of the Stone Vessel (lot 640), which soared to 1 €, exceeding his estimate, and goes to a European collector. As always, Tintin fans were present and fought for a magnificent bronze sculpture representing the two inseparable Tintin and Snowy (lot 308) made in 604 by Nat Neujean under the direction of Hergé, won by a European collector for 152 € 117 / $ 000. We should also note a lithograph made in 211 for the Stéphane Janssen Prize at the Royal Waterloo Golf Club, signed in pencil by Hergé (lot 1975) who won the nice prize of € 84 / $ 500. Another very beautiful piece, the lithograph extracted from the album On a marche sur la lune (lot 92) signed by Hergé as well as by the American astronauts who walked on the Moon, triples its estimate at 950 € / 1979 $. Rare signatures adorn this lot with the image of Buzz Aldrin and his dedication “First moonwalkers after Tintin”, Finally, the color album of Tintin in Congo, produced in 209, (lot 36) was sold for € 400 / $ 40 including fees. Classic comics were also in the spotlight, as the exceptional set of 040 Italian-style plates from L'odio di corazon Sutton by Italian Hugo Pratt (lot 210) changed hands for € 33 / 800 $ 37. The collection of original drawings illustrating the adventures of the young childish heroine Caroline by Pierre Probst also aroused the interest of collectors, with good auctions in particular for Caroline aux sports d'hiver (lot 180), auctioned for € 1948 / 193 $, as well as Caroline in Europe (lot 21), sold for € 500 / $ 23 including fees, both tripling their estimate.
[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "4.0.6"] [et_pb_column _builder_version = "4.0.6" type = "4_4"] [et_pb_image src = "https: //mknet0nauction.kinstab com / wp-content / uploads / 9/2019 / Lot-11-Enki-BILAL-Le-Vaisseau-de-pierre-adjugé-152-117- € -000-128-costs-included-estimate-700-80- –-000-100.jpg "_builder_version =" 000 "hover_enabled =" 4.0.6 "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version =" 0 "] [et_pb_column _builder_version =" 4.0.6. 4.0.6 "type =" 4_4 "] [et_pb_text _builder_version =" 4.0.6 "hover_enabled =" 0 "] Lot 152: Enki BILAL, Le Vaisseau de pierre, auctioned for € 117 / $ 000 including fees (estimate: 128 - 700) [/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

Auction record for the first Marvel

The very first comic made by famous American comic book publisher Marvel was auctioned Thursday for $ 1,26 million, a record for the publishing house behind the characters of Spider-Man, X-Men or Avengers , according to Heritage Auctions auction house. This is the first episode, released in 1939, of the "Marvel Comics" series, published by publisher Timely Comics, later Marvel. "This is a historic version of a comic," said Ed Jaster, vice president of Heritage Auctions. In the 1960s, under the leadership of screenwriter Stan Lee, Marvel created superheroes who went on to become legends and whose film adaptations gained box office favor around the world. This copy of # 1 of "Marvel Comics", which is in very good condition, cost 10 cents in 1939. It became the most expensive Marvel comic to sell at auction, ahead of # 15 "Amazing Fantasy" ( Spider-Man's first appearance) sold for $ 1,1 million in 2011. The most expensive comic book in history remains the first issue of "Action Comics" (1938), which sold for $ 3,2 million in 2014. This is Superman's first appearance.

This image courtesy of Heritage Auctions shows a copy of Marvel Comics No. 1, the 1939 comic book considered the ?? Big Bang ?? of the Marvel Comics Superhero Universe. The comic book sold for $ 1,260,000 on November, 21, 2019, at a public auction of vintage comic books and comic art held by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas. -


THE AGUTTES auction house welcomes ELIO GUERIN as WATCH Specialist

The Aguttes house is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​strengthening its Watches department with the arrival of Elio Guerin as a specialist.

Elio specializes in vintage and collector's watches and, more particularly, in diving watches, chronographs and complications such as this Patek Philippe in white gold with a perpetual calendar which will be offered for sale on November 27. It will organize four sales per year and is currently preparing its next sale of Collector's Watches to be held in March 2020 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. A graduate in Law and Art History at the Sorbonne, Elio will bring his experience as a manager of the Watches department acquired in another auction house. With the interior designer Tristan Auer, he had orchestrated the dispersal of a set of watches on the theme of Commander Cousteau, a piece of which having belonged to one of his divers, was awarded € 56. He is also behind high-profile auctions such as the Rolex Submariner 000, sold for € 5514. If the capitals of Geneva and Hong Kong historically concentrate most of the watch auctions, it is in Paris, capital of luxury and stronghold of the art market, that watch collectors find the seriousness of their expertise and transparency, essential elements for the purchase. ABOUT AGUTTES auction house Founded in 1974, Aguttes is the 1st independent French auction house. With an international auction room located in western Paris and representative offices already present in Lyon and Brussels, Aguttes is an alternative to the leaders of the art market. Its 15 specialized departments allow the dispersal of large French collections and regularly record auction records. More than 75% of its buyers are international. The house is also one of the major players in Drouot where it delivered the highest annual auctions in 2015, 2017, 2018. see also

Marilyn Monroe's dresses at auction

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Julien's auctions is proud to announce their “property from the life and career of Marilyn Monroe” auction event which will take place in beverly hills and live online at the julien site on Friday November 1st.

Marilyn Monroe's Our Property From The Life and Career presents some of the movie star's costumes and clothes in her most iconic roles and her dazzling celebrity moments.

Highlights of the auction will be three costumes worn in Hollywood legend's greatest films - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, There's No Business Like Show Business and River of No Return - as well as her signature black cocktail dress, likely worn during from the 1958 press conference for his hit film, Some Like It Hot. This glamorous collection of 115 items also includes a wide range of artefacts from her personal life and will all be sold without reservation.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was the 1953 musical comedy film that propelled Monroe to superstar and iconic Hollywood sex symbol. During the film's spectacular opening, she and her co-star Jane Russell sing "Two Little Girls from Little Rock" and Monroe wears the iconic costume as well as the matching dramatic red headdress.

Another unforgettable costume is an extravagant three-piece set designed by master fashion designer William Travilla of There's No Business Like Show Business. The star wore the show's centerpiece during the song and dance number "Heat Wave". A sketch of the costume in gouache and pencil signed Travilla is also available.

A vintage, bright yellow silk dress worn by Monroe in the final scene of River of No Return, where she sings the iconic song of the same title from the film, is also on display in this auction. This gorgeous set was originally designed by costume designer Helen Rose for Betty Grable in the 1943 film Coney Island.

Another signature from Monroe includes a black silk crepe Henri Bendel cocktail dress with a plunging V-neck and back, which appears to be the same dress she wore to the July 1958 press conference for her film, Some Like It Hot.

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