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On track for horse auctions

October 14 2016 News

The personal manuscript of Cléry, valet de chambre of King Louis XVI. On the occasion of the dispersion of the collection of books by André Tissot-Dupont and his father Lucien the 18 and 19 October at Piasa, there is a rare manuscript

With auctionlab, discover all facets of jewelry auctions

October 7 2016 News

The Biennale des Antiquaires closed its doors a few weeks ago. Visitors were able to admire the masterpieces of Haute Joaillerie. Today it is the study Gros and Delettrez which displays a brilliant program with a sale 100% jewelry of the iconic Maison Chanel the 10 next October.

Crait + Müller = the new generation Drouot

24 September 2016 News

It was during the preparation of their first sale at Drouot 3 October that we met Master Crait and Master Müller. These 2 young auctioneers, graduates in 2010, obtained their approval last June. So they opened their own study and are part of ...

Part.1 wine auctions

15 September 2016 News

PART 1: The sales organization for Bacchus wine and spirits is everywhere! By opening your mailbox today, you came across a multitude of flyers entitled "The Wine Fair". By turning on your television, the newspapers do not fail to refer to the season of the beginning harvest ... Bacchus is everywhere! ...

Furnish your student accommodation for less than 1000 € via auctions!

6 September 2016 News

The auction rooms are full of treasures and works of art, but there are also nuggets at much more affordable prices! After having made you travel this summer to present you the summer auctions, we continue our tour of France ... to take up the following challenge: to furnish his student accommodation to ...

At the head of the Valoir dynasty: Dame Marie-Edith Pousse-Cornet

July 18 2016 News

It is in the historic region of the castles of the Loire that we take you. The Valoir study was born under the hammer of Maître Marie-Edith Pousse-Cornet. The mistress of the place is now surrounded by Guillaume, his son, himself an auctioneer for over a year, and his daughter, Amélie. Valoir: the domain solognot auction The ...

Auction Houses and Social Networks: A Rising Auction

July 6 2016 News

Among the proposals encouraging the French to participate in a public auction, 37% of respondents expressed that "the dissemination of information on social networks: description of the sale, the terms of purchase, the works" in was one of the reasons. This excerpt from Harris Interactive's study for the Council's report ...

Auction halls open this summer

July 2 2016 News

Immediate boarding for the summer 2016: auction destination. The historic Drouot sales hotel closes its doors from the 12 July to the 10 September, but this is not the case for all auction houses. We remain connected to the art market this summer with pretty sales planned throughout the hexagon: the opportunity to ...