The auction: Jeanne Moreau

Artcurial will dedicate one of its fall sales to the famous French actress Jeanne Moreau, who died in 2017. This is the opportunity to unveil the many facets of the artist who was an actress, comedian, director, but also singer, as well as its history with fashion and the greatest photographers of recent decades.
No less than 300 lots linked to the history and career of Jeanne Moreau will be dispersed by Artcurial, from October 16 to 22, in an exclusively online auction in tribute to the artist. For nearly a week, amateurs, enthusiasts and the simply curious will be able to try to get hold of unique pieces, sometimes unseen, having belonged or having been associated with the icon of French cinema, true muse of filmmakers of course, but also fashion designers and many photographers.

Among the lots on sale, there are designer pieces, especially from her wardrobe made up during award ceremonies or during film shoots. For example, the auction will offer a set in silk and guipure embroidered with pearls and Chanel sequins worn by the actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, as well as a pair of anise silk mules embroidered with pearls by Roger Vivier.

A selection of jewelry, posters and around forty photographs, some of which have never been seen, will complete this sale. Connoisseurs will be able to discover Jeanne Moreau immortalized by Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Cecil Beaton, Slim Aarons and Agnès Varda.

The sale will take place at the same time as the exhibition at Artcurial, and will benefit the Jeanne Moreau Foundation, which aims to protect the artistic work of the French artist, but also to act for the protection of children by the access to theater and cinema activities.

Superheroes and their creators unite for the 3rd Inktoberfest

Superheroes and Their Creators Unite for Third Inktoberfest: The Ed Asner Family Center Annual Comic Auction

The annual "Heritage Auctions" charity event, which features unique works by some of the industry's best-known talents, benefits people with special needs

DALLAS, Texas (October 15, 2020) - In the spring, there was no choice: The Ed Asner Family Center had to close its doors as a result of the global pandemic that shocked everyone. Matt Asner, son of the centre's namesake and its president and CEO, turned to his wife and the centre's executive director and co-founder, Navah Paskowitz-Asner, and asked, "What are we going to do? now ?

Since its founding in 2018, the center has provided support to thousands of people with special needs, ranging from therapy and counseling services to vocational education, art and cooking classes. More than anything, the Los Angeles-based center has provided a community for families affected by autism and other special needs, and Covid-19 has suddenly taken that gathering space off limits.

In a short time, the center has pivoted, like so many others, to the online world. But the transition has not been easy or inexpensive. Which means that Heritage Auctions third annual Inktoberfest is only a third edition: The Ed Asner Family Center's annual comic book auction is all the more imperative.

The event, one of the centre's main annual fundraisers, is now open for auction and taking place live on on October 28. And once again, it features original works by some of the best and most famous names in the comic book industry. Some pieces have been specially ordered for this event; there are also highly sought-after cover variations, key pieces from well-known books and unreleased pieces that are making their very first auction appearance.

“The people we serve are people who are in desperate need of something to do and who hope they can hang on,” says Navah.

“I think that's an incredibly important thing,” adds Matt. “And this year's auction is the biggest we've done, for sure. We thought this year would be incredibly difficult with the pandemic. But the number of people who participated and sent us items has passed us ".

“Comics have influenced us in our childhood and into adulthood,” said Ed Asner, beloved by generations raised on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant and the Pixar Up movie. "It happened with me, and it happened with Matt. And now the comic book is a wonderful contribution to this very special cause."

Over 55 comic book creators donated fresh works to this auction, including Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, John Cassaday, Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, Jill Thompson, Tim Sale, Eduardo Risso, Aaron Kuder, Arthur Adams, Phil Hester, Bill Sienkiewicz and Kevin Nowlan.

"This is the third year that Heritage has partnered with Asners for this charity event and, as always, it is a pleasure and privilege for us to help them raise funds for a program that is appreciated and loved. by so many in the comic book community, ”said Jim Halperin, Co-Chair of Heritage Auctions.

Mignola offers one of the highlights of the event: the unseen cover of the monumental volume 4 of the 2018 Hellboy Omnibus: Hellboy in Hell featuring Satan himself. This massive Dark Horse Comics tome collected the character's adventures from 1994 to 1997 and is a must-see among fans of the character from Mignola, who made a round trip to Hell - and Hollywood.

Adam Hughes, one of DC Comics' most popular cover illustrators (and occasional artist on Hellboy titles), helped make an original Captain America for this auction. And Neal Adams, whose work on Batman titles over the past 50 years has marked generations of readers and creators, offers an original illustration of Dark Knight in this sale. Batman: The Long Halloween's Tim Sale also brings a very special take on the Caped Crusader, above Gotham City.

Sienkiewicz, who helped the Asners organize this and previous sale, brought several to this event - among them, a play featuring mutant Sydney Barrett, played by Legion of FX actress Rachel Keller. The circle has come full circle for Sienkiewicz, since the acclaimed television series

Nowlan, who also helped bring artists together for this charity auction, brings one of his most famous works in recent memory: the cover variant of Venom No. 6. This is the cover highly coveted created for the Memphis Comic Expo featuring Knull, the God of Symbiotes. Aaron Kuder offers another striking cover variant: the Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality No. 1 featuring Spider-Man and Deathlok posed in a knowing nod to Erik Larsen's Spider-Man No. 21 from 1990. .

From Jim Lee's original cover to The Intimates No. 1 cover for DC / Wildstorm in 2005, to Jill Thompson's original Beast of Burden cover in 2014, there's something for everyone. And to think that when Matt started to prepare the

Hansons Auctioneers

The very first edition of Harry Potter up for auction

The very first edition of the Harry Potter publication, which a father used to educate his children in English, was sold at auction for ₤ to 60 euros.

The unusual copy of Harry Potter and also The Theorist's Rock had been valued at ₤ 30.

The Guide book, one of the first 500 printed hardback editions, was donated by a retired British expatriate from Luxembourg.

Salesman Jim Spencer explained that the hammer price, which rose to ₤ 75.000 with the commission, was "astonishing".

The novel was auctioned off with the auction house Hansons, Tuesday 13 October 2020.

The seller, who intended to remain confidential, claimed to have obtained a guide for his youngsters concerning 18 months after its first publication in June 1997.

He said he was "absolutely happy" with the sale.

"The Harry Potter publications are really renowned - in the extremely important field of literary works for young people - and this very early version can only gain in value in the future," he said.

The seller added that he plans to use the money from the sale to pay off his baby daughter's student loans.

The book was determined to be a first edition, having been sent to the Derbyshire auctioneers in a tea towel, as it contains a replica of the phrase "1 stick" on page 53 as well as a variety of "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ".

Hansons ”said the final auction came from a personal international buyer who had made a bid over the phone.

Mr Spencer, who handled the sale of four first editions of Harry Potter and also The Theorist's Star, said it was the largest price paid to sellers for a copy.

"I am really delighted that the book has achieved such an exceptional rate for our seller," he said.

"I was hoping it would definitely be ₤ 50.000, but reaching ₤ 60.000 was incredible."

Drouot Paris: auctions at 3 million for the dinosaur

An extremely rare allosaur skeleton, one of the oldest dinosaurs, called the "grandfather" of the dreaded T-Rex, was auctioned Tuesday for a little over 3 million euros (including costs), or double of what was estimated at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris with the auction house Binoche and Giquello

The sale to an anonymous bidder of this 150 million-year-old (Upper Jurassic) allosaur, ten meters long and 3,5 meters high, comes at a time when dinosaur skeletons are reaching record amounts.

Listing of the auction house:

Over 150 million years old, the allosaur skeleton featured in this sale was discovered in 2016 in Wyoming, United States. Its spectacular dimensions - H. 3,50 m; W. 2,25 m; l. 10 m - make him one of the longest specimens of his species known to date. In fact, adult allosaurs were on average 8,5 meters long. Only one other allosaur skeleton compares to ours: the one in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, which is 9,7 meters long.
Our bipedal, carnivorous and ferocious dinosaur had a taste for combat. Traces of injuries were discovered on several ribs during the restoration of the bones. Further scientific examinations, by X-rays, then made it possible to formulate the hypothesis of a titanic fight scene between our allosaur and its rival.
The allosaurus is undeniably the star of this sale! A series of sharp teeth, discovered in position in the jawbone of another specimen, will also be auctioned. Also discovered in Wyoming, this fragment of skeleton, characteristic of the animal, is estimated between 60 and 000 €.

UK: A Compulsive Buyer's Treasure at Auction

Ali Baba cave, made up of weird and remarkable collectibles, belonging to "Britain's greatest collector ever", expected to cost up to £ 4million after being discovered following his death a public auction house said Thursday.
The hoard of 60.000 objects engulfed the man's terraced house, a rented apartment, 2 garages and 24 garbage cans.
It includes unusual comics, publications, Beatles memorabilia, football collectibles as well as images from Beauty space missions.
The man has been recognized in press reports as Ramann Shukla, who resided in Nottingham, England, before his untimely death earlier this year at the age of 64.
The trophy, which filled all parts of Shukla's buildings from floor to ceiling, was discovered by his brother.
"His impression was to put them in landfills. But luckily he made the decision to call us in," said Terry Woodcock, chief auctioneer of Unique Public Auctions in Lincoln, in a video on the website of the 'company.

12 days to empty the house
He said eight members of the auction house staff took 12 days to clear the main house, with more remaining to be disposed of.
Shukla had in fact been racking up products on since at least 2008, Mr. Woodcock said.
“It was clear this guy was a compulsive shopper,” he said.
Shukla was apparently a computer systems developer, and had to reside in a type b and b building during his last year of activity due to lack of space.
This eclectic treasure includes photos and signed letters pertaining to John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Elvis Presley, over 6 old comics, 000 chemistry collections and also 3 Rickenbacker guitars.

The entire collection is valued at between an additional 500 pounds ($ 000) and an additional 645 million pounds ($ 000 million), and will also be auctioned October 4-5,2 in as many as 22. good deals. Translated with (free version)

Christie's: STAN the T. rex at $ 32 million at auction

The Rex Skeleton is worth $ 31,8 million and it's a whole new world record.

The sale of some of the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons shattered auction ratings, as it cost $ 31,8 million at a Christie's auction on Tuesday night. This sale helped set a new record for dinosaur skeletons or fossils never sold at public auction.

STAN the T. rex, named after the paleontologist who discovered his first bones, traveled the planet some 67 million years ago. His skeleton was presented at the public auction in the flagship area of ​​New York City, with an estimated price of between $ 6 million and $ 8 million.
The skeleton was part of Christie's 20th Century Night Sale, which auctioned 59 works spanning the 20th and also the 21st century, including a painting by American musician Cy Twombly who opted for nearly 38,7 , $ XNUMX million.

For 20 years, STAN has been researched at the Black Hills Institute in South Dakota, and paleontologists have produced many papers and studies on this subject.

First erroneously identified as Triceratops bones, they remained intact until 1992, when paleontologists understood their true origin.

It then took more than 30 hours of manual labor to dig deep and also to bring back the skeleton. Researchers have since discovered that STAN suffered a fractured neck during her lifetime, after which two of her vertebrae merged.

There are also indications of cleft wounds in his skull and rib that may have been caused by T. rex.

A $ 1,3 Million Who's Who Comic Book

An international Who's Who of comic book creation, from Tank Girl to Charlie Brown, is auctioning off $ 1,6 million.

Heritage Auctions' On October 3 and 4, the sale of European comics was a "resounding success".

DALLAS, Texas (October 6, 2020) - Charles Schulz's comic book Peanuts debuted on October 2, 1950. Seventy years and a day later this boy named Charlie Brown was the first to win the European event from the Heritage Auctions comic, when an original April 1968 Easter Sunday comic sold last weekend for $ 62. By the way, perhaps, of this typically American creation often put on the shelves alongside Sartre and Beckett.

The October 3-4 auction brought in $ 1, as more than 596 bidders from around the world participated in an event showcasing original works by designers ranging from Moebius to Alex Raymond, Philippe Druillet to Jack Kirby , from Milo Manara to Jamie Hewlett.

In fact, a worldwide "who's who of what's what" throughout the history of the medium.

“Our third European sale was a great success,” said Joe Mannarino, director of comics and comic art at Heritage Auctions in New York. "The scale of the turnout was gratifying and demonstrated the massive appeal of popular culture around the world."

The sale was largely mounted by Olivier Delflas, comics and original art consignment director for Europe-based Heritage Auctions. This allowed us to focus on a wider range of items, "Mannarino said. As a result, the comics by European artists and the Disney and animation offerings have exceeded our expectations."

Traditionally, Heritage Auctions' comic book and comic art events have largely focused on American creators making superhero works, only a portion of which was featured in this sale. Instead, our European comic book event took a look beyond the usual suspects to some of the often-unnoticed visionaries amid capes and balaclavas.

For proof, look no further than the first page of Philippe Druillet in Salammbô Carthage n ° 2 of 1982, which sold on October 3 for 40 dollars. It is an extraordinary piece, which appeared in the pages of Métal Hurlant et Pilote, which both pays homage to Gustave Flaubert's novel and transcends it.

But one hero still dominated the sale: Tank Girl, the beloved of British designer Jamie Hewlett.

For this event, Heritage Auctions donated their Tank Girl: The Odyssey No. 1 in its entirety - which was split into several lots which, in total, made over $ 100. It's no surprise that the iconic cover of this 000 DC / Vertigo title fetched $ 1995.

Two Flash Gordon newspaper strips from 1940 were also the featured attractions of the event, made even more noteworthy by being from the family of creator Alex Raymond. As of August 12, 1940, a Flash Gordon comic, topped with a Jungle Jim adventure, grossed $ 42. And a Flash Gordon tape from July 500, 7 - featuring our hero in a red costume adorned with a yellow lightning bolt, perhaps as a tribute to the Flash Jay Garrick of the Golden Age - wasn't far behind, at $ 1940.

It's no surprise that Milo Manara's Spider-Woman No. 1 cover variant made $ 37. This controversial work by the famous creator of erotic art caused a stir when it was released just six years ago. Its popularity only proves the fine line between infamy and immortality.

Jean Giraud, known to most people as Mœbius, was an unequivocal star of the event, as evidenced by the high prices achieved for several of his acclaimed works, starting with the $ 32 paid for the page 500 of volume 27 of La Longue Marche de la bluertille from the 19s. A year earlier, Moebius had published the cover page of the legendary Le Garage Hermétique series, which had been published in issue 1980 of Métal Hurlant and sold on October 39 for $ 3. And his 31 collaboration with filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, Griffes D'Anges, sold for $ 250, or 1994 times his pre-sale estimate.

Other highlights include:

Page 23 of Maurice Tillieux's book An Investigation by Gil Jourdan: The Immersed Car n ° 3 (1960) sold for $ 30.

The cover of Special Marvel Edition No. 1 (1971), by Marie Severin, Joe Sinnott and Sam Rosen made $ 27.

Will Eisner's cover for The Spirit Magazine # 36 (1982) sold for $ 23.

Richard Corben's full one-page story, "Duel of the Titans", from Squa Tront No. 4 (1967), sold for $ 17.

Another European comic book event is already planned for March. We expect this category to continue to grow, "Mannarino said, as lots are gathered for this next sale. Translated with (free version)

A sculpture by Claude Lalanne at auction

Claude Lalanne sculpture purchased directly from an artist could fetch $ 150 at Heritage Design auction

The event also features Japanese fashion company Comme des Garcons

DALLAS, Texas (September 16, 2020) - La Petite Fille à la Poule by Claude Lalanne could fetch $ 150 or more at Heritage Auctions design auction on October 000.

"The work of François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne is very appreciated and this sculpture (estimate: 100-000 dollars), in particular, has remained at the center of our client's homes, first in Paris then in Los Angeles. , for over three decades, "said Brent Lewis, Design Director of Heritage Auctions. "It was acquired directly from the artists during a visit to their studio outside of Paris and is an extraordinary example of Les Lalanne's unique artistic vision."

Heritage also offers a collection of nearly 100 rare pieces from Comme des Garcons, the legendary Japanese fashion company, each designed by founder Rei Kawakubo or Junya Watanabe. CDG is one of the most innovative fashion houses of the last century and a survey of Kawakubo's work was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2017. This carefully assembled collection includes a variety of works showing the avant-garde approach that Kawakubo and his collaborators have taken to the art of fashion.

Mathieu Matégot's dining table, designed in 1958, 1982 (estimate: $ 30 to $ 000) reflects the artist's preference for the use of metal as one of his favorite materials. This rare table model was designed and exhibited in 50, at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in Paris, in a room called "Living room-terrace of a villa". The base, composed of architectural and angular rows of black patinated metal and brass columns, accommodates the original sculpted glass top, and exhibits Mategot's predilection for the combination of biomorphic forms with restricted rectilinear supports.

The Important Vase by René Buthaud, circa 1925 (estimate: 20 to 000 dollars) was exhibited at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 30, and at the Museum of Decorative Arts of the City of Bordeaux , "R Buthaud Ceramiques" in 000. Buthaud was arguably the most influential Parisian ceramist of the 1925s and remains exceptionally important in the history of French Art Deco.

Another highlight of the sale is a pair of extremely rare urns by Gio Ponti. The legendary Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti made it his mission to bring his inspired vision of Modernism, which began at the turn of the 1920th century and continued throughout his long and prolific career, to the world. In the 1925s, he joined ceramic maker Richard Ginori to create new decorative items that matched his vision. Under Ponti's direction, Ginori created stunningly elegant and sophisticated table sets, vases, fillers and more, in a slightly neoclassical style, and with colorful and nuanced decoration. Their collaboration was so fruitful that Ginori received two grand prizes at the famous International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 8. It is an extremely rare pair of urns (estimate: $ 000 to $ 12 ), in various colors, created during this fruitful period at Ginori and designed by Ponti.

The vases were returnable by a couple in Texas who withheld them in an estate sale because something about the inherited pair seemed "special," according to consignees. Their inclination has been confirmed by the experts at Heritage Auctions and by Brian Kish, curator and specialist in 1926th century Italian architecture and design and associate member of the Gio Ponti archives. From Ponti's XNUMX "Lancesca" series, each vase features an inverted bell-shaped body, hand painted with an exaggerated diagonal of trompe-l'oeil steps in purple and pastel green, on a plinth with stripes golden. The geometric design of the surface is complemented by the highly stylized acanthus-shaped handles, molded into either side of the body. According to Kish, the multiple markings on the ballot boxes indicate that they were produced as one-off exhibition pieces or for a very limited series.

Paul Rudolph's sofa at Rudolph Penthouse, 23 Beekman Place, circa 1975 (estimate: $ 6-000) is from the artist's New York apartment, which was one of Rudolph's most ambitious projects. . The multi-level experimental triplex was filled with bespoke furniture he had designed; after his death it was bought by the great collectors and experts in design and architecture of the twentieth century, Michael and Gabrielle Boyd, who began to restore the house '; they kept this sofa in their personal collection for many years.

A transplastic chair Fernando and Humberto Campana, 2006 (estimate: 5 to 000 dollars) comes from a collection they introduced in 7 with an exhibition at the Albion Gallery in London. Made up of seats in various configurations, including single-seat chairs like the proposed lot, as well as larger biomorphic benches with multiple seats in incongruous shapes and forms, the plastic seats are held in extensions of one fiber. natural Brazilian called Apui, modifying the original, more familiar shapes. The Campana brothers' semi-organic creations, like the offered chair, reflect their vision of a trend to replace wicker pieces in Brazilian terraces and outdoor cafes with plastic ones.

French designer and decorator Mattia Bonetti started his career decades ago, and has spent many years collaborating with designer Elizabeth Garouste, creating unique, curious and luxurious furniture in Paris and in major centers around the world. This painting, dating from 1990 (estimate: $ 2-000), was purchased directly by art collectors in Los Angeles who have filled their homes with designer works, and have remained there until now. It has been exhibited in galleries around the world; his works are part of the collections of the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris and the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, New York among others.

The auction will feature a fine selection of studio glasses from a major European collection, including works by Yoichi Ohira, Michael Glancy, Toots Zynsky and Dan Dailey.

See the sale

Record auction for comics: $ 9,5m

Sold-out comic book auctions bring in $ 9,5 million at heritage auction
The Princess of Mars painting sells for $ 1,2 million; Pokémon sets world record September 10-13
DALLAS, Texas (September 14, 2020) - A historic masterpiece painted by a legend. An old version of a well-known video game title. A collection of boxed game cards sold for record amount. Hundreds of comic book covers and interiors as well as other original pieces painted in pencil by comedians and legends. And a parade of titles ranging from the beginnings of comics to its modern, dynamic and evocative era.
All of this and much more was on offer at Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic Art event, which took place over four days, September 10-13. And when the auction ended, the total realized price was as impressive as the assortment presented: $ 9.
Equally notable was the number of bidders who placed bids for this auction through the Dallas auction house website throughout the event: nearly 4.
"Of the 1 lots offered for sale, not a single one has been unsold," said James Halperin, co-founder of Heritage Auctions. "This means we are bringing the right parts to market at the right time."
The auction kicked off with Frank Frazetta's painting The Princess of Mars (1970), one of the most identifiable and influential pieces in the artist's career, which sold Thursday for $ 1,2 million. It was a remarkable and exciting kick-off for Heritage Auctions' four-day Comics & Comic Art event.
The Princess of Frazetta was not alone in shattering pre-auction expectations during the first session of the event. The now iconic Lee Elias art adorning the cover of Chamber of Chills No. 19 (Harvey, 1953), published in 1953, sold for $ 174.000 after a fiery bidding round. Page 9 of Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1968) # 112 sold for $ 120, which isn't surprising given the artists involved (the legendary Jack Kirby and his longtime inker Chic Stone ) and characters (Hulk and Thor).
And John Buscema and George Klein's cover page for The Avengers (Marvel, 1968) # 58 sold for $ 90. This piece comes two years after Black Panther's debut in Jack Kirby's 000 Fantastic Four (Marvel) movie No.52, and marks T'Challa's second solo dive. Buscema's pose, that of the Panther stalking its prey, would define the character for decades to come, in comics and on screen, as portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman, who was shot on August 1966 after a four-year battle with colon cancer.
Buyers also snatched up notable issues: A copy of Superman # 1 (DC, 1939), which sold for $ 348. Action Comics issue # 000 (DC, 7), which was the focus of the Federal Court case involving impersonator Wonder Man (Fox), sold for $ 1938. And a copy of The Incredible Hulk (Marvel, 204) # 000 rated CGC NM / MT 1974 made $ 181.
Sealed Pokémon box sells for $ 198, a world record
A rare sealed Pokémon booster set broke the series' world record on day one of the event, selling for $ 198. The Pokémon First Edition Sealed Base Set (Wizards of the Coast, 000) far exceeded its estimate of $ 1999 and more before the auction, even before the live auction began.
"Boxes like this, especially in such extraordinary condition and sealed in plastic wrap, have become undeniable rarities," said Jesus Garcia, assistant to the supervisor of comics and comics operations at Heritage Auctions. “The previous record of $ 78 set by Heritage Auctions was set in February 000. This result - more than double the previous rating - just shows that the popularity and demand for these cards shows no signs of slowing down. ".
First set ever, this booster comes from a very low print and includes 396 cards divided into 36 booster packs, each containing 11 cards. As the box is unopened, it is likely that most or all of the cards are in preserved condition.
Other strengths include, among others, the following:
- $ 120: the Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project, a unique bundle of over 000 items, the world's best comic book preservation project
- $ 102: Batman # 000 (DC, 1) CGC GD + 1940
- $ 96: Alex Raymond Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Sunday Comics Original art dated 000-11-19 (King Feature, November 39, 19)
- $ 90: Captain America Comics # 000 (Timely, 1) CGC GD 1941
The next Heritage Auctions comic book and comic book signature auction will be held November 19-21, with submissions accepted until September 29. Auctions will begin around October 30 on
Heritage Auctions is the largest art and collectibles auction house founded in the United States, and the largest collectibles auctioneer in the world. Heritage has offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Artcurial Motors: Success for the André Trigano sale

On September 13, the auction of the André Trigano collection took place, organized by Artcurial Motors. The total result of the sale is 4 euros. Once again a real success for the specialized auction house. The highlight of the sale was the sale of the Lamborghini 033 GT 162 + 400, which Mr. Trigano acquired in 2. The bidders fought and the Lamborghini took off for 2 euros.

André Trigano, 95, attended the on-site sale at Gibel perched on a catwalk with a screen to attend Live and his paper catalog to jot down the sale prices.

View auction results


"LA BIENNALE PARIS CHEZ CHRISTIE'S" From September 24 to October 8, 2020

More than 90 iconic works from 42 international galleries will be presented at a unique online auction for a global estimate of 7 to 10 million euros

La Biennale Paris and Christie's are pleased to present their online sale which brings together 42 international merchants from 8 different countries. This unprecedented sale, which brings together 91 works of art covering a dozen specialties, will be held online from September 24 to October 8, 2020 on the Christie's website.

[List of participants below]

The pieces that make up this sale embody all the diversity and unique character of La Biennale Paris. Paintings, works of art and pieces of furniture from around the world, made by the greatest masters, artists and craftsmen of their time covering nearly 6 years of art history, from Archeology to Sculpture modern, from Antique Furniture from the 000th to the XNUMXth century to Contemporary Design; From the Painting of the great masters of the XNUMXth century to the abstract art of the XNUMXth century and from Jewelry to Watchmaking, all these works have been carefully selected by the participating dealers and Christie's specialists.

This unprecedented sale will benefit from a digital platform specially set up by the Christie's teams, which will be revealed in stages from September 10 on the Christie's site.

Several different entry keys have been developed for navigating the auction catalog. This system puts the participating galleries in the spotlight by encouraging collectors to enter into contact with both Christie's specialists and dealers: the works will be presented on the galleries' virtual stands; these will be geolocated using an interactive map.

Customers will be able to converse directly with merchants through a digital guestbook; so many innovations developed especially for this sale.

Georges De Jonckheere, President of La Biennale Paris, states:

“The remarkable selection of rare and surprising pieces of very high quality testifies to the tremendous enthusiasm of the market players for this innovative event. This sale reflects our ambition for La Biennale in 2021 within the ephemeral Grand Palais, during which we will have the great pleasure of meeting again. "

Cécile Verdier, President of Christie's France adds: “Discussions between dealers and specialists gave birth to a selection that perfectly illustrates the variety of the market.

I am very impressed by the work accomplished by all the Biennale, SNA and Christie's teams who have worked tirelessly on this ambitious project. I am convinced that this sale will be a great success, demonstrating the relevance and modernity of this collaboration and sending an extremely positive signal to the art market. "

Fans and collectors will be able to deco-impoverish the works that make up this sale through the e-catalog from September 21 on the Christie's website but also by visiting the participating Parisian galleries and at Christie's where works from international galleries will be presented.

A preview of the route will also encourage visits and exchanges between gallery owners and collectors.

On September 29, the symposium “Being an antique dealer today” will be specially organized on the occasion of the sale, highlighting the profession. It will bring together dealers and collectors to analyze the new challenges of the art market which are emerging as a result of the health crisis. The symposium which will take place at Christie's in Paris and which will be broadcast live and online will end with an exchange between the guests and the speakers.

As previously announced, Christie's will support La Mission Stéphane Bern for the Fondation du Patrimoine, a partner of La Biennale Paris, by transferring part of its commission, testifying to the cultural dimension of this project and the synergy of actors in the sector.

The catalog of works for sale will be online from September 21, 2020 on the Christie's website [].


Ana Chiclana (Madrid)

L'Arc en Seine Gallery (Paris)

Ariadne Galleries (New York, London)

AVELINE Gallery - Jean-Marie Rossi (Paris)

Helene Bailly Gallery (Paris)

Bérès Gallery (Paris)

Alexis Bordes Gallery (Paris)

Jean-Christophe Charbonnier Gallery (Paris)

Eric Coatelem Gallery (Paris)

Costermans (Brussels)

Gisele Croës (Brussels)

Laurent Dodier Gallery (Le Val-Saint-Père)

Dumonteil Gallery (Paris)

Dutko Gallery (Paris)

Fleury Gallery (Paris)

Yves Gastou Gallery (Paris)

Michel Giraud Gallery (Paris)

Bernard de Grunne (Brussels)

Haboldt & Co. (Amsterdam, Paris, New York)

Hadjer & Son (Paris)

Hioco Gallery (Paris)

Iskenderian (Geneva)

Pascal Izarn Gallery (Paris)

De Jonckheere Gallery (Geneva)

Kevorkian Gallery (Paris)

Laffanour - Galerie Downtown (Paris)

François Léage Gallery (Paris)

Jacques Leegenhoek (Paris)

Marcilhac Gallery (Paris)

Mathivet Gallery (Paris)

Meyer Gallery (Paris)

Mitterrand Gallery (Paris)

Montanari Gallery (Paris)

Neuse Gallery (Bremen)

Passage Gallery - Pierre Passebon (Paris)

Pellat de Villedon Gallery (Paris)

Perrin Gallery (Paris)

Perrotin (Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai)

G. Sarti Gallery (Paris)

Steinitz Gallery (Paris)

Bronze Universe Gallery (Paris)

Florence de Voldère Gallery (Paris)

The Peace Café auction

The furniture of the “Café de la Paix” auctioned on September 23

After development work from 1985 to 1990 and then from 2002 to 2003, Le Café de La Paix and the Grand Hotel has been in major works mode since March 2020.

The two establishments are of course closed to the public so that craftsmen can work on these classified places.

After the reopening in 2021, customers will be able to rediscover the emblematic atmosphere of the Parisian café and its Second Empire style, but part of the existing furniture will already be sold at auction.

Indeed, Master Thierry de Maigret organizes an auction of the furniture of the Grand Hotel Intercontinentale and the Café de la Paix, on Wednesday 23 September

Furniture from the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand and the Café de la Paix
SECOND SALE of part of the hotel and café furniture
Posters, trolleys, armchairs, tables, sofas, curtains, lighting ...

Public exhibitions:
Wednesday March 18 from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m.
Thursday March 19 and Friday March 20 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Contact to the Study:
Juliette Blondeau,

Immediate withdrawal of lots
Selling costs: 30% incl.

Sotheby's Hip-HOP Auctions

Sotheby's offers more than 120 lots related to hip-hop on September 15, 2020

Competitors in life, rappers Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur have come together for an auction at Sotheby's, the very first auction dedicated to hip hop in a major international auction house.

Bidders will be able to compete for the crown worn and signed by the Notorious BIG during a photo shoot held in 1997, three days before his death in Los Angeles. They will also be able to bid on an archive of 22 autographed love letters, written by Shakur aged 15-17 to a high school sweetheart.

See the sale

Gandhi's iconic glasses sell at auction for $ 340 in the UK

A pair of gold glasses worn by Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian independence hero, was sold in Britain for £ 260 (approx. 000 euros, $ 288), the auction house said.

"We found them just four weeks ago in our letterbox, left there by a gentleman whose uncle had been gifted by Gandhi himself," East Bristol Auctions wrote on Instagram after the sale on Friday. .
"An incredible result for an incredible item! Thanks to everyone who bid."

Gandhi was known to give old or unwanted pairs to those in need or who had helped him.
The nonviolent protester gave the seller's uncle the glasses while employed by British Petroleum in South Africa in the 20s or 30s, the auction house said.
The sale price crushed the initial estimate of around £ 15.
Auctioneer Andrew Stowe told Sky News earlier this month that the seller told him, "If they're not genuine, throw them out."
When he suggested they might be worth £ 15, "I think he almost fell out of his chair."

Michael Jordan sells personal Air Jordan I and baseball glove

Updated 14/08/20 Once again, this pair of sneakers is breaking records. The pair of Air Jordan 1s sold at auction for $ 615, Christie's said. These sneakers are fast becoming the most expensive in history. The sale took place just three months after setting a first record for an identical model. Red and white, with the Nike comma, called the black swoosh of the famous Air Jordan 000 Chicago, the pair were worn during a friendly meeting on August 1, 25 in Trieste, Italy. Michael Jordan was then on a promotional tour for Nike. The player had donned the jersey of Stefanel Trieste, one of the Italian first division teams, to play the match against Juve Caserta. The match is best known for a precise gesture, where the American fullback flew at the end of the counterattack to soak the ball, causing a shock that shattered the plexiglass. According to Christie's, the left shoe had a piece of it in its sole. The house initially estimated it at between $ 1985 and $ 650 when it went on sale online on July 000.

DALLAS, Texas (June 8, 2020) - On sale at Heritage Auctions' Sunday June 14 weekly online auction: a Nike Air Jordan I from Michael Jordan's personal collection, as well as a black Wilson baseball glove bearing its owner's nickname ( "MICHAEL JORDAN", hard to miss) sewn on the thumb.

Nowadays, in the wake of the documentary Last Dance that captivated a nation currently hungry for sports and heroes and iconic moments, these signifiers should be enough to spark the interest of collectors and casual viewers. When beginner cards, sneakers, and ticket stubs hit all-time highs at auctions week after week, items that once belonged to or were worn or touched by The Greatest of All Time immediately attract attention. attention of collectors and fans when they are auctioned. Especially when it appears to be the very first Jordanian baseball glove ever released. But there is a story to these objects - this very precious sneaker, this extraordinarily rare glove - which transforms them from being a precious souvenir to that of an important treasure. And it all starts in 1994, when Jordan's then wife Juanita couldn't decide what to buy from the man who had it all for his 32nd birthday. For advice, she turned to a high-end jeweler she knew, who suggested that she reproduce some of her most iconic "precious metal" objects, as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently reported. The jeweler knew a man in Tel Aviv who could do such a thing, taking items and making detailed molds from the originals. “One day we received an order by fax to make a silver baseball shoe and glove,” Dan Lavi told the Israeli newspaper a few weeks ago. "They didn't say who it was for. My father asked them to send a sample, saying he would see what could be done. If it was possible we would give a price, he told the shipper. " A few days later, a 1985 Air Jordan I - right footed, size 13,5 - and the Wilson glove were shipped to Israel. To create the molds and ensure that the original items kept their shapes, the glove was filled with permanent epoxy, while a material like plasticine, which could be removed, was inserted into the shoe. On the other side, silver replicas have appeared, so perfect in their detail, from the grain of the leather to the patterns of the laces, that they seem almost wearable - weren't they so heavy (the shoe alone weighs 10 pounds ) or sheathed in thousands of dollars of silver. Only ten of these shoes were made, as requested by Juanita Jordan. After that, the mussels were destroyed. Only these objects, the original sneaker and glove, have remained. Michael Jordan kept a silver shoe and glove. The story goes that he distributed the other pieces to his agent, one of his restaurants, a golf club, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and elsewhere. Over time, they dispersed in the wind. They cost around $ 2 each, and when they are auctioned, which is rare, they are sold for significantly higher prices. In February 2019, Heritage Auctions sold one of the silver gloves for $ 7. Six months later, Heritage sold one of the silver sneakers for $ 20. And that was long before Jordan won a victory lap and a final dance. It was only after the documentary aired on ESPN that Lavi set out to search - at his mother's request - for the shoe and glove that served as models for these silver molds. His discovery made headlines in Israeli newspapers. Today they go to a Dallas auction house. And in a few days, they'll be someone else's property - 26 years after being taken from Michael Jordan's closet and reproduced to the last silver point. “It was very exciting to hear the family in Israel who created the incredible silver sculptures and to learn that the original objects that were used to create the molds still exist,” said Chris Ivy, auction manager. sports cars from Heritage Auctions. "Like most people around the world, the owner was captivated by The Last Dance and decided it was time to part with the treasures his father gave him a quarter of a century ago." The Air Jordan sneaker and Wilson glove were used to make silver replicas - each now, without a doubt, is worth its weight in gold.
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