Mateo Andrea was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires, shortly before the end of the dictatorship, to a Dutch father and an indigenous mother. He spent his youth there and made many trips to Paris with his parents, where they settled in 1989.


As a teenager, he made graffiti in the streets, his mother offered to paint them on canvas. This is how he began his work in the workshop. Common works will emerge and will then be presented in several art centers.

He decides to study art and devotes himself to it in the workshops of La Glacière. He then joined the National School of Fine Arts in Paris - ENSBA.


At the ENSBA, he developed a technique that he continues to practice, by mounting his paintings from the start to achieve a hybrid work that mixes drawing and painting on canvas.

In 2008, he had his first solo exhibition in the Parisian gallery Popy Arvani, some time before he graduated after 5 years of study.

Son and grandson of artists, he is also part of the “All 4 Art” collective with his father Pat Andrea, his mother Cristina Ruiz Guinazu and his sister Azul Andrea with whom he exhibits and renews the tradition of artists' families. Flemish.

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