Barack Obama auction - basketball jersey

Barack Obama basketball jersey at auction

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Known for playing White House basketball, often with its staff or celebrities and notables, the number 23 Hawaii Punahou School jersey during the 1978-1979 season. It was worn by an 18-year-old "Barry" Obama during his final year in Punahou as a member of the champion Hawaii varsity men's basketball team in 1979.

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He was accidentally saved from being thrown out when the new varsity team jerseys arrived on campus after freshmen Peter Noble, three years behind Obama in Punahou, had worn the same number "23" jersey while by being in the junior varsity team.

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The jersey comes with Noble's year-end album from Obama's last year. In the section dedicated to promotion, a quarter of a page is devoted to personal layout, including a plan of the future president's playground which he has labeled "We go play hoop" (We're going to play basketball ). On page 104, a photo captioned, "Barry Obama rides for a basket against St. Louis", shows the jersey he is wearing in the photo. Also read our article on the sneaker auction at Sotheby's

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Coincidentally, the number 23 Obama jersey was and still is worn by the two men most often identified as the greatest basketball players of all time: Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

President Barack Obama, who wears a high school basketball jersey, is expected to fetch $ 100 or more when he crosses the auction block the August 17 at Heritage Auctions.

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Update 25 August 2019: The jersey of the Punahou High School (Honolulu) Barack Obama, proposed by Heritage Auctions, reported 120 $ 000 to a bidder who, according to the Associated Press, chose not to be identified but lives in the Dallas area.

CHICAGO, Ill. (July 26, 2019) - President Barack Obama's game, who wore a high school basketball jersey, is expected to fetch $ 100 or more at the August 000 Heritage auction Auction. The jersey will be on display for the first time this week in Chicago, before heading to New York and finally Dallas.

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Lithograph Zadkine Works Hercules Red

How much does a lithography cost?

What is an original lithograph ?

Lithography is a printing technique, obtained by inking generally on a limestone and printing flat which allows to create a original work in several copies and in limited edition. A true work of art, lithography is part of the graphic arts process.

Many great artists have used this flexible technique to give free rein to their imagination. The artist will be able to draw in grease pencil on the stone as on the paper. The litho does not present any technical difficulty proper.

An original lithograph is usually signed and numbered. A lithograph may also bear one of the following inscriptions:

BAT : good to shoot (annotation of the artist himself when he is satisfied with the work)

EA : artist proof

HC : out of trade

Artists' proofs are the property of the artist who can sell them personally. Some artists enhance the colors of EAs which give them a rarity and added value, these original works become unique.

Off-trade is offered to publishing employees, especially to the printer.

There are still very few lithographers' studios in France today, but the process remains popular with certain contemporary artists, connoisseurs and collectors.

How much does a lithograph cost? original ?

The price or estimate of an original lithograph depends first of all on the artist, its dimension, the period or the date of the work but also the presence of the artist's signature, the number of copies distributed (and therefore its rarity) and of course the state of conservation.

The presence of a signature authentic is not pledge of original work! As evidenced by the adventures of the white sheets signed by Dali but considered as fake.

The famous Maeght Gallery, since publishing always original lithographs of Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Léger and Matisse prints lithographs of his artists in very small quantities and in limited edition.

Original lithographs can range from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros for artists sought as Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, Foujita, Soulages, Jasper Johns, Alechinsky, Buffet, Sam Francis, Warhol, Nikki of St. Phalle, Picasso.

Original lithographs are easily found at auctions at all prices and in specialized galleries, lithographs are very present on the art market.

Lithograph Vasarely

Lithography: the advice of AuctionLab

Lithographs are handled and transported with care, like all works of art on paper such as etchings, aquatic, engravings, serigraphs, Japanese prints, lithographs are fragile.

The main enemy works of art on paper is the human being!

Works on paper are often lost, accidentally destroyed, forgotten, torn. They can also be severely challenged by light, insects, fungi and air pollution.

Works of art are fragile and deserve all your attention for a better conservation possible.

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Enamelled plates auction

The madness of enamelled and advertising plate collections

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Connoisseurs will tell you: in popular art, enameled plates and advertising are safe. This July 17, lots of enamelled plates and advertising will be sold at auction, with the auction house Ivory Bordeaux, in the state: something to delight collectors and lovers of vintage objects.

What is an enamelled plate?

The enameled plate reached its peak during the first decades of the nineteenth century. It is a sheet metal plate su measure: the dimensions and formats can vary on demand. It is used as a support and advertising object, very popular in the 20 years to the 20 years. The design of the time proposed some variations: the enamelled plate smooth and flat, the enamelled plate with a relief or the enamelled plate embossed with illustrations and words in relief. The flattened sheet is decorated with enamel using different methods of laying, fixing and protection. Houses and signs had their own enamelled plates, some of which have marked generations. Examples include Beka mattresses decorated with three small kittens, yellow ads on blue background of Kub broth, Primagaz butane gas advertising panels, the mythical enamelled plates of Harley Davidson motorcycles or the unforgettable lithographs of Coca-Cola. and his pin-up. In addition, the enamelled plates were also used for the indications: street signs, signboards, house numbers etc. Among the promotional items of this period, we can also mention some accessories such as ashtrays, purses, pitchers, glasses. Thus, the first half of the 60e century had a real catalog of advertising media copies of which are to discover this July 20 17, with Ivory Bordeaux at 2019 quai des Chartrons, 136 Bordeaux. 33300 illustrated lots, representative of the advertising stamp of this period await their buyers.

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Auctions of enamelled plates in Bordeaux: rendez-vous of fans of old brands

The illustrated 346 lots offer a great variety of retro advertisements. In the genre, we find for example in this collection the enamelled plates of the brand Malt Kneipp superbly illustrated by Georges Beuville nicknamed La Palette and who was one of the famous illustrators of his generation. Enthusiasts will also like the Chocolat Menier plate on a yellow and blue background, representing a girl and her basket. The drawing is signed Firmin Bouisset: little anecdote on the plate Menier, the girl, emblematic of the house, is none other than the daughter of Bouisset, Yvonne. Collectors will also love the enamel plate of the Delespaul Halvez house, which represents children at the table and the word "chocolate" dripping greedily. This plate comes straight from the factory of the Emaillerie Alsacienne who was the largest producer of enamelled advertising products during the first half of the 20e century.

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Auctions of enamelled plates in Bordeaux: find the vintage advertisements of drinks

Aperitifs, wine, digestives have long used enamel media for their advertising. Of the illustrated lots auctioned, there are several original copies sold in the state. Among these vintage plaques, collectors will be able to choose between several commercials of brands of beverages such as Moko rum, declined in cardboard triptych or in enamelled plates fashioned by the Emaillerie Alsacienne of Strasbourg. Supporters of rum Moko are adorned with the drawing of its legendary bottle in the colors of Jamaica and Martinique and mentions "for sale here" or "the best of rums". In the same spirit, the advertising plate of the Saint-James rum brand, in stamped and screen-printed sheet metal. The piece shows the drawing of a bottle of Saint-James and in the background, in an elegant medallion, the Martinique landscape of the Sainte-Marie distillery where this agricultural rum is produced. Silkscreen is the work of the printer Andreis and Cie Marseille. Other finds for a lucky collector: an old menu-holder of the Martini aperitif in repousse painted sheet metal; a Picon plaque illustrated by the Spanish poster artist Gaspar Camps, which combines his favorite subject, the Spanish woman; a triangular plate Spalthaller representing the drawing of a glass resting on the globe. Several other brands are present in this illustrated collection: Grand Marnier, Rum Cayman, San José Rum of Martinique, old rum Luceta, wine Toni-Kola, rum Matouba to name a few.

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Soap Cadum enamelled plate Pepsi-Cola enamelled plate The cow who laughs enamelled plate

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Enamelled plate auctions in Bordeaux: the old advertising thermometers

The advertising thermometers were the flagship products of the enamelled sheet metal support. Several brands have adopted this personalized plate support, incorporating a thermometer. The lots of old advertising media sold at auction offer an anthology of personalized thermometers: the enamel plate with a thermometer celebrating the merits of a Bayer Delial sunscreen, decorated with the pretty smile of a pin-up from the 50s or the very Nivéa summer show with a beautiful young woman in a swimsuit on a beach, carrying a ball inspired by the brand's logo. Lovers of rare pieces will also like the Evian plaque with a thermometer embedded in a bottle or the La Vache Qui Rit plaque, decorated with the famous drawing of the laughing cow by illustrator (after) Benjamin Rabier. You will also notice the plate with the Savon Cadum thermometer. We can see on the enamelled support the face of the chubby toddler, muse of the range since the very first baby Cadum in 1925. Other brands and products have their own custom thermometers: the health herbal tea of ​​the Grande Chartreuse, Picon and its thermometer under glass, Pepsi-Cola with the logo capsule visible on the support.

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Auctions of advertising objects in Bordeaux: vintage goodies

In our day, they are called goodies. It is these small advertising items from a brand that are distributed to visitors, employees, customers of a company. Far from being an innovation of the nineteenth century, goodies were present in other forms. In these illustrated lots, we will particularly notice the collection of wooden or metal card boxes, card and token holders, custom branded fans, some of which are inspired by the size of the bottle. Note plates with illustrations, ashtrays, spouts and ceramic jugs, glasses, mugs. Cointreau, Pernod, Lillet, Suze, Moko, Holy Spirit, Benedictine, The Mandarin, Rum Negrita, Dubonnet: as many brands present in this collection of old promotional items.

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Auctions of advertising objects in Bordeaux: some small curiosities

At 136 quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux, several rooms await lovers of old and original objects. First of all the subjects in lithographed and cut sheet metal such as Berger's pin-up dressed as a majorette and presenting a bottle, or else, still for the same brand, the beauty queen pin-up drawn by the painter and illustrator of Raymond Ducatez posters. Among the old objects auctioned: absinthe fountains, plaster bottle holders in various forms such as an orange, a zebra, plaster lollipop holder representing Pierrot, resin subjects such as the imagined man walking with great strides. by designer Tom Browne for the Johnnie Walker brand or distributors of peanuts, candy and chewing gum straight from the 40s.

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Enamelled and advertising plate collectors: it's your appointment!

Lovers of rare and old objects related to advertising media, this appointment is yours. The lots are sold in their current state: everyone will be able to examine and appreciate these pieces before the auction. All information here.

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Robert Ladou - Painting: The jockey

Robert Ladou: the steed and the brush

As comfortable in the saddle as with a brush, Robert Ladou has never sacrificed one of his passions to another. This horseman, disappeared in 2014, found as much freedom on horseback as before his paintings,
Viking Chess Piece Sells More Than 900,000 $

A Viking chess piece sells for more than $ 900,000 at auction.

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LONDON A 900 year old Viking chess piece, bought for a few dollars in the 1960s, sold at auction for 735,000 pounds ($ 927,000).

3 1/2 inch (8,8 centimeter) chess player Lewis Chessman sold to an anonymous bidder at Sotheby's, London, Tuesday.

Lewis chess pieces are intricate and expressive chess pieces in the shape of Norse warriors, carved from walrus ivory in the 12th century.

A treasure of dozens of pieces, or four sets of chess, was discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, but five of the pieces were missing.

The Sotheby's piece, the equivalent of a tower, is the first missing chess piece to be identified.

She was purchased by a Scottish antique dealer in 1964 and passed on to his family before being identified as a figure of Lewis.

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Creation of a new Master 2 (Public Education) dedicated to the Art Market

update the 28 / 06 / 19


In September 2019, Sorbonne University (Faculty of Letters) will inaugurate a new Master 2 of public education devoted to the art market. This training will give an important place to the experience thanks to the intervention of many professionals of the market. Artcurial is happy to be associated with this project, and thus to commit to a training of excellence open to all. The first promotion will be composed of ten students pre-selected on file.
PARIS - While the training courses devoted to the art market are either mainly given in private establishments, or devoted mainly to modern and contemporary art, Sorbonne University (Faculty of Letters) announces the creation of a new specialized master 2 in Expertise and the Art Market (all periods and media combined), for the start of the school year 2019 Led by Rose-Marie Ferré, Senior Lecturer in History of Medieval Art, this master's degree entitled Expertise and the Art Market will be launched at the start of the 2/2019 academic year at Sorbonne University (Faculty of Letters). It is a high-level training intended for students wishing to integrate a multidisciplinary training offering them professional opportunities in the world of the art market and the expertise of the art object both in France and in Europe and internationally. Students will benefit from History of art and archeology course, economics of art and culture, law, languages, applied sciences to the world of art, but will also have the chance to listen to professionals and stakeholders linked to the world of creation, restoration, sale, conservation, large institutions or sponsorship. The first promotion will be made up of ten students, first selected on the basis of a file and then confirmed during an interview. Artcurial, a benchmark player in the international art market, is pleased to be associated with this project by participating in the student selection jury, by providing several teaching units through its employees, and by reserving two application internships to master's students. The house is happy to thus commit itself in favor of a wider access to the professions of the art and culture market through excellent training, accessible to all, which links theoretical education and economic actors.

An exceptional collection of 18 works by Paul Jouve

[et_pb_section fb_built = "1" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_column type = "4_4" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "3.23.3"]

The 30 June 2019 at Ivory Reims, take the opportunity to acquire one of the precious works of Paul Jouve

It is not every day that opportunities like this present themselves to you. Perhaps once in a lifetime, acquiring the work of a great artist is within your reach. When the opportunity presents itself, seizing it without hesitation is the best thing to do. Wonderful and unique things don't come your way many times. And you know these things are the things that bring magic to life here. Art lovers and big fanatics of painting, a collection of great beauty is available to you for purchase on June 30 of this month. Produced by the master of 29th century animal art, this collection consists of authentic pieces, which are appearing on the market for the first time. Ivoire Reims gives you the opportunity to acquire one of these magnificent works of art during an auction. You understood it, you should fight to have your share of beauty, as in any other area of ​​life for that matter. But given the talent of Paul Jouve, artist recognized around the world, you will have no regrets in coming to contemplate and try to own one of his creations. Endowed with an enormous talent, Paul Jouve not only used it, but he also cultivated it by numerous trips during which he was able to recharge his batteries in inspiration. All this, with one goal, to create the magnificent and the extraordinary, which could be your case in less than XNUMX days(30 2019 June). Do not wait and mark this grandiose event in your agenda so that you have no regrets in the future.

[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_column type = "2_5" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_image src = "https: //abstacdnauction. com / wp-content / uploads / 0/9 / PAUL-JOUVE-2019-06 - "- Panthère-noire-standing -" - 1878.jpg "_builder_version =" 1973 "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column type = "1929_3.23.3" _builder_version = "3"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "5"]

Paul Jouve, the story of a young man in the hands of genius

Born 16 March 1878, in Bourron-Marlotte, Paul Jouve will later become a renowned artist in his field. Having grown up with the image of an artist father, the animal painter Olivier de Penne, a close relative of the family, will influence Paul Jouve towards animal art. At only two years old, the artist's passion was already expressed when he was trying to make drawings of his cat. Seeing the passion born in his son, Auguste Jouve then wants to encourage him in the path of the artist. He takes her to visit museums and the Garden of Plants. During these visits, it was the big cats who attracted the most attention of the budding artist. The school has never been the fort of the artist and Paul Jouve was no exception to this phenomenon.

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Having attended art schools such as the School of Decorative Arts and the School of Fine Arts, the artist always preferred to make drawings of nature. His inspirations, they found them in other places than the school. By observing places filled with animal life, Paul Jouve could draw on him to create works of great value. His interest in the animal world was such that he had decided to take animal anatomy courses to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the objects of his fascination. With such determination, it was not surprising that the talent of Paul Jouve received early attention. Indeed, only 16 years, the artist had already had the chance to exhibit at the Salon of the Society of French Artists. During this first exhibition, the young Paul Jouve surprised his talent, thanks to his work "The Lions of Menelik", which was done with many impressive details.

But Paul Jouve also has talent in lithography and he proves it by selling very early works in this category of art. After doing his military service, it was during the universal exhibition of 1900 Paul Jouve began to really gain notoriety. With the frieze of fawn he had made for this occasion, he was able to attract attention and began to really receive many compliments. In the rest of his career, Paul Jouve is no longer content with animals present in France to give him inspiration.

The artist begins his series of long journeys around the world for the observation of animals and the production of works of art inspired by wildlife. So, he was able to release some very beautiful works, some of which are part of the 18 works proposed during the 30 June auction. Paul Jouve is unquestionably the leader of the 20th century animal painting. An animal artist par excellence, he performed Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book between 1906-1914. He is well known and has participated in a number of major exhibitions such as 1900, 1925, 1937, and 1931 International Colonial Exhibitions. In all his life, it was his fascination with the wild animals that inspired him the most.

Inspired works, fruits of a great passion

With his fascination for wild beasts, it's no wonder that Paul Jouve has created many works about these animals. Among the works of the collection on sale 30 next June, you will have the opportunity to see the beauty in which Paul Jouve imagined these powerful animals, these predators. Lithography or painting on cardboard, the collection includes communicative works that are just as surprising as each other. In addition to the great mastery of the painter's art, these paintings also reflect part of the course of wildlife. Throughout her travels on different continents, the artist has acquired a vision of life really different. In a world still largely natural at the time, his works are reflections of what he discovered, and reflections executed with a touch of master. It is not for nothing that Paul Jouve is considered the master animal art of the twentieth century. This artist has devoted his entire life to the artistic representation of what the world of animals is. It's as if he wanted to discover the soul that hid behind these animals considered wild. Driven by a passionate passion, he never failed in the mission he gave himself and sought new inspiration day and night. The 18 works put at your disposal during the auction at the end of this month are among the different beauties that resulted from the relentlessness that Paul Jouve had in his life. Great things require great sacrifices. In the case of Paul Jouve, it is not a question of sacrifice, but rather of dedication. Because by observing the quality of his art, it is unthinkable to say that they come from anything except passion and determination.

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Renowned pieces belonging to the collection for sale

Belonging to a missing woman today, the pieces on sale belonged to the mother of the latter, who had bought them from Paul Jouve himself. These works are still intact and concern different themes adopted by the artist during his long artistic life.

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"Lion and Lioness" is a work of Paul Jouve that will be on sale during the auction session. Made by the artist in 1925, this work was made using a mixed technique using paper mounted on cardboard. At the bottom of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with his name in red. It is a play that communicates great power and also gives some indication of the relationship between a man and a woman. To hang on one of your walls, you must count at least twenty to thirty thousand euros, the amount at which the auction begins.

[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column type = "2_5" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_4version = "_builder 4" type = " "3.23.3"] [et_pb_image src = "“ -Lion-et-lionne- ”-circa -1925.jpg "_builder_version =" 3.23.3 "animation_style =" fade "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version =" 3.23.3 "] [et_pb_column type =" 1_2 "=" _builder_column type = "3.23.3_0" 9 "] [et_pb_image src =" “-Shere-Khan-le-tigre-” - 1.jpg "_builder_version =" 2 "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column type =" 3.23.3_3.23.3 "_builder_version =" XNUMX "] [et_pb_text _builder_version =" XNUMX "]

“Shere Khan the Tiger” is another artwork for sale during the auction. Designed by Paul Jouve in 1920, this work was produced with an exceptional lithographic proof drawn on strong paper. Richly enhanced with gouache, the work reflects the arrogance and violence of Shere Khan. Defying the King of the Jungle, he is a tiger who communicates thinking and decision making. At the bottom left of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with his name in red. To distinguish your wall with this reverberated tiger, you can place a buy order or attend the live sale.

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In 1930, Paul Jouve created "Panthère assise", an artistic work put up for sale during the auction session. Made with oil, this work was drawn on a paper mounted on cardboard. Not to mention his signature on the lower right, Paul Jouve transmits in his art exoticism and feline brilliance. Free, the sitting panther communicates an idea of ​​wisdom and control of her external world.

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_2" _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_image src="«-Panthère-assise-»-circa-1930.jpg" _builder_version="3.23.3"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_column type="4_4" _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_image src="«-Tigre-au-repos-»-circa-1930.jpg" _builder_version="3.23.3"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.23.3"]

"Tiger at rest" is in the artistic collection of Paul Jouve created in 1930. Posted during the auction, the starting amount of the sale of this work ranges from twelve to fifteen thousand euros. The artistic beast was drawn on paper mounted on cardboard, using a mixed technique. The work reflects the idea that even the strongest need a moment of relaxation and relaxation. In the lower right of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with a red color.

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"Walking Tiger" is a work of Paul Jouve that will go on sale during the auction session. Designed by the artist en1937, this work was drawn on paper mounted on cardboard. At the bottom of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with his name in red color. It is a piece that communicates a higher power and that also reflects some trait of determination and commitment. To hang on one of your walls, you must count at least twenty to thirty thousand euros.

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="3_4" _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_image src="«-Tigre-marchant-»-circa-1937.jpg" _builder_version="3.23.3"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_column type="1_2" _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_image src="«-Attelage-de-buffles-macédoniens-».jpg" _builder_version="3.23.3"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_2" _builder_version="3.23.3"][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.23.3"]

In 1920, Paul Jouve realized "Macedonian buffalo hitch". This impressive large piece was made on panel using oil. Signed in red on the lower left, the work reflects travel to the United States. The artist communicates the assembly of adventure and perseverance.

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"Eagle" is another artistic creation for sale during the auction session. Designed by Paul Jouve in 1929, this work was made with an exceptional lithographic proof drawn on strong paper. Richly enhanced, the work reflects a great power. Solitary and bold, the eagle is the symbol of courage, willpower and independence. In the lower left of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with his name in red color. To distinguish your wall with this characteristic bird of strength, you must have at least four to six thousand euros, starting amount of the auction.

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"Elephant in front of a temple accompanied by a Buddhist monk" appears in the artistic collection for sale by Paul Jouve. Created in 1922, the piece was drawn on paper mounted on cardboard using mixed technique. In the lower left of the work, Paul Jouve signed it with his name in red. The artistic work communicates adventure and Asian wisdom. The monk and the elephant are the true crowns of wisdom. An idea of ​​reflection and powers of thought are transmitted throughout the room

[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column type = "1_2" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_image src = " JOUVE-1878-1973 - "- Elephant-in front of a-temple-accompanied-by-a-Buddhist-monk -" - circa-1922.jpg "_builder_version =" 3.23.3 "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_column type = "1_2" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "3.23.3"]

In 1957, Paul Jouve drew "Bermuda", an artistic work put on sale during the auction session. This large impressive piece was made on paper mounted on cardboard using oil. Signed in red on the lower right, the coin is titled on the lower left. The work reflects the difference in color and values. The artist communicates a meeting of different beings and a control of their place of belonging.

[/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [et_pb_column type = "1_2" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_image src = " JOUVE-1878-1973 - "- Bermudes -" - circa-1957.jpg "_builder_version =" 3.23.3 "] [/ et_pb_image] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [et_pb_row _builder_version =" 3.23.3 "] [et_pb_column type = "4_4" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "3.23.3"]

"Arab horse harnessed on the bottom of a nomad camp" is another piece of art for sale during the auction. Imagined and created by Paul Jouve in 1920, this piece was made on cardboard using the mixed technique. The work reflects a great robustness. Singular and intrepid, the horse communicates will and consistency. In the bottom left of the work, Paul Jouve signed it by his name. To distinguish your wall with this admirable piece, you must at least have five to eight thousand euros, starting amount of the auction.

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_image src = "“ -Cheval-arabe-harnaché-sur-fond-de -campement-nomade - "- circa-1920.jpg" _builder_version = "3.23.3"] [/ et_pb_image] [et_pb_cta title = "Auction Sunday June 30, 2019 at 14 pm" button_url = "https: //www.interencheres .com / furnitures-objets-art / belle-vente-cataloge-253421 / "button_text =" see the sale "admin_label =" Call to action "_builder_version =" 3.23.3 "custom_button =" on "button_font =" || |||||| "] [/ et_pb_cta] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

The Nocturne "Last Night With Courtauld"

Every first Friday of the month, the Foundation organizes a Nocturne to see and live differently its building, its works and its exhibitions. The Nocturne of June, last Nocturne as part of the exhibition of the works of the Courtauld Collection, invests the Terraces of the Foundation. For the occasion, the Nocturne takes a British airand showcases the emerging English music scene as sagastronomy or its humor that punctuates micro-visits. From 19h to 22h30, Louise Chen, DJ resident of NTS radio invites London artists Mafalda and Henry Wupour threeDJ electronic setswith jazz, soul or bossa influences, in partnership with the NTS webradio. Throughout the evening, the Foundation's mediators lead micro-tours around the exhibition of the Courtauld Collection, based on typically English expressions, chosen by visitors. The opportunity to (re) discover the exhibition before closing the June 17. In parallel, La Cantine du Marché and the "British Brasserie L'Entente" offer night owls a menu inspired by English pubson the Terraces of the Foundation. Single price of 10 € for the Nocturne (5 € for -18 years, artists and job seekers). Reservations on Shuttle service specially extended, to coincide with the opening hours of the Foundation. PROGRAM ON THE TERRACES, DE19HÀ22H30 DJ SETS IN COLLABORATION WITH NTS RADIO LOUISE CHEN + GUESTS NTS Radio is a London reference webradio created in 2011. Initially a pirate radio, now installed in Manchester, Shanghai and Los Angeles, NTS seeks to compensate for a lack of diversity and radicality on the English antennas. There is minimal techno to postpunk, grime and neo-classical, the cream of the local underground scene and international djs. On the occasion of the Nocturne, the Vuitton Foundation invites Louise Chen, DJ president of the radio, to schedule this evening. She chose to surround herself with Mafalda and Henry Wu, two NTS regulars. Their performances will be recorded and broadcast in June, July and August during Louise CHENTS 'show. 19h -20h: DJ Set Mafalda Mafalda is a Portuguese artist based in London. Her music with multiple influences sails between jazz, world music, bossa nova, soul and funk.It is the co-creator, with the duo Floating Points, parties and the label You're A Melody. 20h -21h30: DJ Set Louise Chen Always passionate about music, Louise Chen began her DJ career by founding Girls Girls Girls parties in 2012 at the Social Club in Paris. Hip-hop fan, her career has led her to explore the original samples and to immerse herself in Soul, Jazz, Boogie, Disco and finally House. 21h00 -22h20: DJ Set Henry Wu Henry Wu - also known as Kamaal Williams - is from the Peckham district of South London. He is considered one of the most promising emerging artists of recent years. His music appropriates the codes of funk, soul and jazz to better transcribe them in a house style oriented towards the dancefloor. BAR AND FOOD MARKET CANTEEN & "BRITISH BRASSERIE ENTENTE" La Cantine du marché operates in English, the bar takes on the air of a summer pub with a typical Pimm's cocktail, an artisanal lager, an iced tea or organic apple juice. It invites “Le British Brasserie L'Entente” to its side. Inspired by traditional British cuisine, but very focused on local French products, L'Entente offers a steak sandwich with stilton & English mustard sauce, a haddock & smoked salmon salad, and, for dessert, a gourmet chocolate cake. To be enjoyed on the terraces. IN THE GALLERIES, 19HÀ 22H30 MICRO TOURS All 30 min at the points indicated "micro-visits"; Levels -1, 1 and 2 "Do you speak English?" Choose a "soBritish" expression that resonates with a selection of works from the exhibitions and let yourself be guided as you wish by one of the cultural mediators. Useful information Reservations: On the website

Palm Beach Modern Auctions offers first-class artwork, mid-century design.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA - It is no coincidence that many of the names on the lists of 25th century "most wanted" art collectors are also on the list of Palm Beach Modern auctions for Saturday May XNUMX. Most of the works of art that will be auctioned come from prestigious private, institutional or art gallery collections and reflect a high level of expertise. In addition, the offering of 532 modern art and design lots includes private collections of designer furniture, a collection of decorative art and decorative art for travelers all over the world and monumental Larry Mohr sculptures of a South Florida corporate collection. The timeless chic of mid-century modern furniture sets the tone for the sale. Ten lots of sought after Knoll furniture come direct from a collector who purchased most of the pieces direct from the manufacturer's Manhattan showroom. The furnishings were chosen specifically for the Consignor's homes in Palm Beach, Florida, and Easthampton, New York. Highlights include two models by Florence Knoll: a loveseat and a sofa, from $ 500 to $ 800; and a pair of "Parallel Bar" model 51 lounge chairs in a cool vanilla shade, between $ 1 and $ 000. It's not difficult to create an authentic mid-century living room when the furniture selection includes classic chairs and "Tulip" tables by Eero Saarinen for Knoll, or a pair of Fabricius & Kastholm (German / Danish) "Grasshopper", estimated to cost between $ 10.000 and $ 20.000. A fine selection of coffee tables includes a "Barcelona" table by Mies van der Rohe for Knoll, a rare and striking 1972 Paul Evans model for Directional, $ 5 to $ 000, and a beautiful Sol Lewitt "grid" table, as the reference Sol Lewitt shows: A Retrospective, between $ 8 and $ 000. From a private Florida collection, A Gio Ponti for Singer & Sons table in walnut, brass and glass is referenced in Laura Falconi's book on the famous Italian designer and is expected to fetch between $ 10 and $ 000. Topping the fine art category is an important Franz Kline (American, 1910--1962) Abstract Expressionist, oil on paper, signed by an artist and measuring 26,5 x 23,5 inches (framed). It is accompanied by an extensive archive of documents relating to its previous ownership, including documents relating to the acquisition and disposal of the work by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pre-sale estimate is $ 50 to $ 000. Ten notable old prints by Alex Katz (American, b.1927-) in smaller editions have been entrusted to renowned gallery owner and publisher Brooke Alexander. Large Head of Vincent, a signed aquatint on paper, ed. 49/50, is estimated between $ 3 and $ 000. Also from the Brooke Alexander Gallery, two important abstract encaustic paintings by Peter Alexander (American, b.1939) from 1970, titled Yellow and Blue, respectively, have individual estimates of $ 10 to $ 000. One of Britain's most admired contemporary artists, David Hockney (b.1937), is featured in the auction with Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink, from his "Paper Pools" series. The work signed in 1980, number 66 of an edition of 1 copies, entered with an estimate of $ 000 to $ 8. Color, size and fantasy come together in Les bougies (Stapling and cutting VII) by Frank Stella (American, born 1936). Collage, lithograph and screenprint on 1992 paper is labeled Irving Galleries, Palm Beach on the reverse and is accompanied by the original receipt and appraisal. Measuring 59 inches by 49,75 inches (boxed), it comes up for auction with an estimate of $ 8 to $ 000. A sensitive canvas portrait of a mother and her child in a verdant setting is the unmistakable work of Le Pho (Vietnamese / French, 1907-2001). Measuring 27,25 x 32 inches (framed), the painting has been in a private collection since 2005 and is estimated to be between $ 20 and $ 000. Larry Mohr (American, 1921-2013) was an accomplished sculptor known for his large bronze and aluminum works of art that consisted of welded and bolted I-beams. Three of his finest outdoor sculptures were donated by the artist to MorseLife Health System in West Palm Beach. Proceeds from the sale of these works, estimated to range from $ 3 to $ 000, will benefit MorseLife, whose residential facilities and programs improve the lives of seniors in the community. Other highlights of the auction include the enviable collection of contemporary glass, ceramics and studio furniture from art dealer Donna Schneier, as well as a collection from Port St. Lucia, Fla. Latin American art objects and sculptures, well documented pre-Columbian objects, walking sticks acquired during travels around the world. On May 25, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach also auctioned works of art that were donated by the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens to help fund their educational programs. The shipment includes collections of paintings by two European impressionists: Dietz Edzard (German, 1893-1963) and Suzanne Eisendieck (Polish, 1908-1998). Although married, the artists have built their own successful independent careers. Acquisition costs for the artwork in the auction were provided by their daughter, Christine Edzard Goodwin.

Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, inaugurates the French Pavilion at the 58th International Exhibition of Art in Venice

A year after the appointment of the artist Laure Prouvost to represent France, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, was in Venice this Wednesday 8 May where he inaugurated the French Pavilion at the 58th International Exhibition of Art - La Biennale di Venezia, along with Paolo Barratta, President of the Biennale, and Pierre Buhler, President of the Institut français. The work is to discover in the gardensof the 11 May Biennale at November 24 2019. Laureate of the prestigious Turner Prize in 2013, Laure Prouvost conceived the project Deep See Blue Surrounding You / See This Deep Blue Melt You echoing the context of Venice, a floating city designed on water and by water, and that of the French Pavilion located in the heart of gardens, this immense garden where there are 28 national pavilions among the 89 countries represented this year. The Minister of Culture praised the relevance of the artistic proposal: “For an artist, accepting to represent France at the Venice Biennale is an important responsibility. It is a matter of ensuring national representation, in a world where the reality is that of an art that circulates across continents. Laure Prouvost seized on this paradox, inherent in the project, to question more widely the notion of identity, so important and so sensitive in our current societies. "He continues:" The relations between generations, memory, language and its translation, fiction are some of the springs of the collective epic proposed by the artist. What marks in this proposal made by Laure Prouvost for the Venice Biennale, are the values ​​that she brings into play, forged on otherness, benevolence and humanism, the attention she pays to her environment. . "Artist Laure Prouvost:" I like to question what we present and represent, who we are and where we are, both personally and on a human scale. To have the opportunity to represent France is for me both an immense honor, and an immense chance to be able to continue my approach, this quest towards an ideal elsewhere allowing us to get to know each other better, as men, women, young, old, of French or foreign origin. »She specifies« I worked with the idea of ​​the octopus in mind, and my project for the French Pavilion offers, in a metaphorical way, an immersion in the belly of a sprawling animal a little unknown to find who we are. "Commissioner Martha Kirszenbaum abounds:" The octopus Deep See Blue Surrounding You / See This Deep Blue Melt You has, in a way, a head which is the film and fictional work displayed in the center of the Pavilion. It is an initiatory journey - from the Parisian suburbs to the north of France, from the Palais du Facteur Cheval to the Mediterranean Sea - to Venice and the French Pavilion. From this head stems an installation made up of vestiges of the film, resin, earth, glass, plants or even water vapor, to which are added performances. The installation in a way a sensory extension of the film, where the spectator is invited to find his place. Laure Prouvost hopes that with his history, his feelings, he will enrich the experience of the work and that he will also feel himself becoming a tentacle of this project. »After Sophie Calle and Annette Messager, awarded the Lion d'Or for her installation Casino in 2011, Laure Prouvost was the third woman to enter the history of the French Pavilion. Laure Prouvost was chosen to represent France by the Minister of Culture and the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs in May 2018, on the proposal of a selection committee made up of six experts in contemporary art: Guillaume Désanges , art critic and curator; Gilles Fuchs, president of the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF); Christine Macel, chief curator, National Museum of Modern Art (MNAM) - Center Pompidou; Sandra Patron, director of the Regional Museum of Contemporary Art Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Sérignan; Jean-Marc Prevost, director of Carre d'art, Musée d'art contemporain de Nîmes; Annabelle Ténèze, General Manager of Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse; as well as three institutional representatives: Laurence Auer, Director of Culture, Education, Research and Network at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs; Béatrice Salmon, deputy director in charge of plastic arts at the Ministry of Culture; Pierre Buhler, President of the French Institute. The French Pavilion project is implemented by the Institut français, a public institution in charge of France's foreign cultural action, under the dual supervision of the Ministries for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Culture. The delegated production is handled by the ARTER agency. With the support of the CHANEL Fund for Women in the Arts and Culture. In partnership with ARTER; The Artists Foundation; Les Abattoirs, Museum - Frac Occitanie Toulouse; LaM - Lille Métropole Museum of modern art, contemporary art and brut art; DUNE Productions; International City of the Arts; Nathalie Obadia Gallery; carlier | gebauer; Lisson Gallery; The Art Newspaper; Les Inrocks. Laure Prouvost Born in Croix-Lille in 1978, Laure Prouvost moved to London in 1999 and studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, then at Goldsmiths College, Martins College of Art and Design, then at Goldsmiths College. In 2011, she wins the Max Mara Art Prize for Women. She was awarded the Turner Prize in 2013. She is represented by the galleries Nathalie Obadia (Paris, Brussels), Lisson Gallery (London, New York) and Carlier Gebauer (Berlin). Recent personal exhibitions: Palais de Tokyo (2018); Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2017) and Miami (2018); Hangar Bicocca, Milan (2016); MMK, Frankfurt (2016); Rochechouart Contemporary Art Museum (2015). Martha Kirszenbaum Born in 1983 in Vitry-sur-Seine, Martha Kirszenbaum is a curator and art critic based in Paris and Los Angeles. She has a degree in Political History and Cultural Studies from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University in New York. She is the curator of the French Pavilion at the 58e edition of the International Art Biennale of Venice, chosen by Laure Prouvost. The biennale of venice
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