Jazzu painter

Jazzu, militant painter and a little crazy!

[et_pb_section fb_built = "1" _builder_version = "4.0.2"] [et_pb_row _builder_version = "4.0.2"] [et_pb_column type = "4_4" _builder_version = "4.0.2"] [et_pb_text _builder_version = "4.0.2"] Painting will be a necessity for this artist, even a primitive need! No premeditation in his works, his art is raw and his brushstroke is visceral and spontaneous. His work: A strong and meaningful act through an alchemy of colors and a sensual or epidermal texture.

Biography of Jazzu

Jazzu was born in 1983 in Toulouse. After having worked for many years as a social worker, painting seemed obvious to him when he discovered the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The latter was initiated very early to painting with a style that is both very urban and unusual and for which he mixes African culture, voodoo and jazz using very diverse media. Inspired by the many encounters he made during his life, Yann Jazzu's painting is intended to be both raw and cathartic. This somewhat tormented, self-taught artist uses art to express his emotions, anxieties and anger. It inspires reflection and questioning about the things around us. He diversifies his technique by using writing and collage in a way all his own. Little by little, he became known and exhibited in many galleries, notably in Paris, Deauville, Toulouse and even in Barcelona in the company of other artists well known in the field. Jazzu puts life on the walls and on the canvases by highlighting the injustices and the growing individualism of our society. His authenticity, his simplicity and his great modesty will make him an artist in his own right. His Pop Art work, which is often colorful and very abstraction, reflects the author's feelings about current political and cultural events and highlights the complexity of the world around us. The artist is happy to practice his art with his brushes, colors, many materials and aerosols in all its simplicity and this is probably what appeals to buyers. Her work is exhibited in various galleries such as "La Bohème" in Deauville, at "Urban Gallery" and "Seven Seventy Gallery" in Paris or even at "Mandy Art" in Toulouse. The purchase of his paintings is fully possible from anywhere in the world and the prices vary between 250 and 2500 € for the majority. We hope that this rather brief biography (let's admit it) giving only a small overview of Jazzu's career and talent will have given you the desire to discover more about his completely unique and authentic universe. [/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_shop type = "product_category" include_categories = "3347" _builder_version = "4.0.2" hover_enabled = "0"] [/ et_pb_shop] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

The eyes of the 20e century: A 'Magnum Photo Agency' Black Paint Leica M3

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Chiswick Auctions is the only auction house in London to offer a specialized platform for rare and collectible cameras. The November Photographica Auction presents one of the first Leica M3 cameras with black paint that is known to still exist.

The M3 was the first Leica, and is still one of the most used and collected Leica M cameras. The company manufactured nearly a quarter of a million units between 1954 and 1967. Historically, the Leica M3 was sold with a chrome finish which was the preferred choice of most buyers in the primary market.

This finish was much more durable than the less visible black paint versions. However, for professional photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson, the subtlety of a Leica painted in black was the ideal working tool for capturing Images à la Sauvette.

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When Leica started painting their M cameras black, the finishes had to be polished, very inconsistent, and very non-Leica. The company is known for its exceptional precision, quality and design, and the black painted finishes of the M2 and M3 cameras were quite different from this philosophy. Collectors and experts alike have recorded differences in the paint finishes between lots and even in the way the paint wears over time and use. These sleek and compelling inconsistencies have led to an explosion in the secondary collector market. Officially, the Leitz factory produced 1 Leica M320s in black paint in very small series between 3 and 1959, but as series production continued some small parts were replaced with chrome ones. It is therefore important to remember that the earlier the batch, the more original the device and, therefore, the more often the resale value increases.

Prior to the first official batch of cameras in 1959, the Leica factory in Wetzlar, delivery records show 90 M3 cameras delivered in black paint between 1955 and 1959. These cameras, for the most part, would have been specially requested at the except the first 6 and the last 10 recorded, as they do not have consecutive serial numbers and were therefore all made to order.

The serial number on the camera in our upcoming sale, registers it as the 15th black painted M3 camera to be delivered from the factory, indicating that it is the second oldest example of this. model never offered at auction. Glass is also unique and rare, even among other black paints. The Summicron 5cm is one of Leitz's most famous lenses. This specific example shares elements from the first and second versions of the Summicron 5cm, suggesting that this was a special request from the photographer who owned it.

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This model is a unique proposition. When buying vintage cameras, condition is often the primary concern. This device is mechanically perfect, even if it is very worn. With such use, very little of the original paint remains, but where the paint left, it left a beautiful and unique brass patina. You can observe from his condition he saw a tough and interesting life as a tool, and the extension of a photographer's eye, and has not just been sitting in a box for 60 years. The role of the camera in history, and not just its rarity as an item, should be considered when offering an auction estimate. In 2018, the Leica M2 of Sean Flynn, famous American press photographer, which he used to cover the Vietnamese conflict before being tragically killed in Cambodia by Viet Cong forces, was sold for 60 euros in a European auction house. Previously, the first example of this specific camera, the second M000 black paint, sold in 3 for £ 2014 in Hong Kong.

Auctions for this example will start between £ 40 and £ 000, but due to its popularity, exceptional rarity and status as one of the first original devices used by a great photographer, anything can happen on the day of the sale.

For more information, contact Photographica Manager Austin Farahar.

Sale of photos, 14 nov 2019, 12h

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Liu BOLIN Born in 1973 Supermarket #3 - 2017

Auction at one of the coworking leaders

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Discover the More exhibition with wework

The next September 29 Artcurial will offer for the second time its More sale in a new WeWork space. If the recipe "More" remains just as tonic: Design, Photography, Limited Editions, Urban Art ... this edition will take place in the heart of the Marais, at WeWork Heart Marais.

Among the 271 lots offered for sale, we will find works by artists such as Kaws, Takashi Murakami, Richard Orlinski, but also furniture by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé or Ron Arad, prints by Herb Ritts, JR or even Victor Vasarely.

Friday 27 September 2019, 10h-19h
Saturday 28 September 2019, 10h-20h
Sunday 29 September 2019, 10h-14h

Sunday 29 September 2019, 16h

Exhibition and sale at WeWork Coeur Marais
64-66 Street Archives
75003 Paris

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The passion of miniature trains and railways

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The train contributed to the transformation of the first industrial revolution and with its introduction a convenient form of transport was created, it created jobs for people and also contributed to the growth and development of cities. and villages. It is interesting to know that the first steam train was built by George Stephenson in 1814 and since then the technology used in its design and operation has improved as we have different types of trains with different sources of energy.

It is interesting to know that even today trains are still a fascinating sight and that this fascination led to the creation of a hobby called "train watching", and it is basically about 'an event where train and railroad enthusiasts are always looking for what they really like about trains. There is no doubt that trains are interesting to watch, but the train obsession was taken further when model trains and trains were introduced in the 1840s; however, the models didn't really consider the details; therefore, the resemblance of the model trains was somewhat crude.

Just as trains have evolved and become much better than so many years ago, model trains and railways have also evolved. You might want to ask yourself what are model trains, they are basically the re-creation of rail transport systems as scale models, and these scale models usually include railroad tracks, rolling stock, locomotives, signage, trams, roads, countryside, bridges, vehicles, landscapes, lights, hills, rivers, gorges and tunnels, etc.

Over time, with the constant evolution of innovative technologies, model trains and model railroads were not left behind, as many people suddenly showed such dedication to the development of model trains, and c 'is a welcome development, as it seemed that at one point generations were no longer interested in model trains and railroads, but right now a lot of the younger generations are starting to keep up with the older ones. and develop a passion for model trains, and this is a welcome development considering that model makers have set the bar very high by having models of real places with landmarks, trains and railroad tracks , and it is often interesting to see the model trains running in the Model City.

For many people, building model trains is not just a hobby, or a set of trains, it is a hobby that requires skill, it is an attempt at leisure, it is an attempt to have a mockup of a real place, therefore, you can call it 3D art, more technical and with features. Modern modelers don't just work with drawings, they add more features to make the scale model as real as possible, and those features include lights, automations, sounds, moving waters, and anything that can make the decor lively and full of things to move.

Currently, the largest model railroad in the world is the Miniatur Wunderland (H0 scale), while the "mountain train" located in Oregon, USA has the largest steam network. Train Mountain operations work as an important part of modeling with rail transport, with multiple schematics that are dedicated to copying the operational parts of an actual operational railroad, and the schematics can have multiple routes, with different complexities.

Do you know that there are model railroad clubs? There are clubs specially designed for model train enthusiasts, and from time to time they display their models for public view. It's not always about piecing together the parts of a model train as if they were LEGO parts, but rather creating everything with precision, and a lot of work, measurement and calculation goes into it. ensure that the parts and their functionality are created with precision, in order to obtain the optimal result of the model train and the model train.

Whether you are a train watcher or a train enthusiast, nothing beats having your own model train and your own model train somewhere in your attic, basement, office, or maybe an entire room dedicated to a miniature train and a rail system. There are different manufacturers of model trains in different parts of the world, some of them have been around for generations, and are still growing in the business, while others have joined the modern era, so you can get the type of model train and rail system that works best for you. Apparently, there are different types of model trains and model railroads; however, you may need to research trains and tracks in order to understand how they work and operate.

One of the world's leading model train manufacturers is Marklin, it is a company which started its activities in 1859 and which, at the beginning, was a company dedicated to the production of accessories for dollhouses, but quickly moved to the production of technical toys, trains miniatures and miniature railways, and at the time of mentioning "Marklin"the first thing that comes to mind are model trains and model railways.

Marklin, among other model railroading and railroad production companies, introduced a new system of creating model trains and railroads, and this time around they went digital as they started making the trains. model and model railroads with the inclusion of a digital train control system, and in 1984 the digital system used by Marklin was designed to work with Marklin's 3 rail network as well, using the chip chips that were produced by Motorola, and then new system innovations were released. Today, Marklin owns the newest state-of-the-art model trains and model trains that use Digital Command Control (DCC) to automate functions and facilitate system manipulation. Their ability to adapt to advanced technologies has allowed them to increase their customer base as more and more people seek to get their hands on some of their products.

If you are passionate about model trains and model railroads, you can take it a step further by owning your own model train, putting them together, and watching the wonders of science come to life in your space. You don't have to go far to get your hands on a model train and a model train, as we have the reputable Marklin train on sale, and we are of the opinion that you should have one, so we got it. expect you to take this opportunity and become a proud owner of the Marklin Model Train and Model Train.

We're pretty sure you'll be glad you got it from us because we make sure we only deliver the best. Feel free to get your very own Marklin Model Train and Model Train from our website, and take your passion for watching trains to a whole new level. Get the Marklin Model Train and Model Train and be the envy of your friends and neighbors when they see it, as you may decide to put it on display at an exhibition, and have other model train enthusiasts as you are happy and fulfilled.

Visit the official website of Marklin

You can also regularly check the website of the auction house Ivory Chartres

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Legendary objects from American cinema at auction

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The ax that Jack Nicholson used in Stanley Kubrick's classic horror The Shining is going to be auctioned in London.

The accessory is one of 900 movie memorabilia items that will be sold during theat auction Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction at the BFI IMAX cinema in London the 30 september and 1er october. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it should sell between 48 000 and 73 000 $ US.

Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and Antioch Grenade by Monty Python and the Holy Grail by Samuel L. Jackson are expected to sell for an even higher price, which is expected to fetch between 60 $ 000 and $ 121.

Other items for sale include a Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars: A New Hope, yours for between $ 145 and $ 000, a full Bat costume worn by Michael Keaton in Batman ($ 181 to $ 000) and the Walther PPK pistol with silencer and holster used by Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in GoldenEye ($ 97 to $ 000.

Fans of historical epics can also take home an impressive keepsake, like the Roman armor that Russell Crowe wore as Maximus in the early scenes of Gladiator is yours for between $ 36 and $ 000, the same estimate as the sword. Claymore by Mel Gibson of Braveheart.

The auction, organized by the bosses of Prop Store, should collect more than 7,5 million.

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who is Bert Stern

Who is Bert Stern?

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Who is Bert Stern?

He is known to have been the last photographer of Marilyn Monroe. If the "last session" of the actress marks the work of the photographer, it is the author of many other clichés that have gone down in history. Back to the life and work of Bert Stern.

Express biography of the fashion photographer

Bert Stern, whose real name is Bertram Stern, was born in 1929 in Brooklyn. It is also in New York that disappears in 2003. Whoever will become the photographer of the stars started at the mail service of Look magazine, at the age of 17 years. The young Bert Stern then goes to Japan as a cameraman as part of his military service.

From the beginning of the 50 years, he began his career as a photographer. He is known for advertising clichés both revolutionary and impactful. It is in particular with a glass of vodka in which is reflected in reverse a pyramid of Gizeh that is solidly known. His activity as a commercial photographer would have greatly influenced the creators of the series " Mad Men ».

Bert Stern also photographs film and fashion stars, which will contribute to his international reputation. Thus, he helped to put photography as an art in its own right. At his death in 2013, retrospectives and tributes are multiplying around the world. His works are regularly exhibited and many of them are kept in prestigious museums.

The muses of Bert Stern

Glamorous and romantic, these are the adjectives that could describe the work of Bert Stern. The photographer has indeed immortalized all the stars of an era: Marilyn Monroe, of course, but also Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve ... More recently, they are Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss or Lindsay Lohan who printed his film.

This art that sublimates feminine sensuality, Bert Stern first experiment through the poster of the film « Lolita Released in 1962. It is the young Sue Lyon who is photographed, with this tart lollipop and these heart-shaped red glasses that made her famous.

The last photographer of Marilyn Monroe

But Bert Stern is best known for being Marilyn Monroe's latest photographer. In 1962, only 6 weeks before the death of the actress, he had her pose in the suite of the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles during 3 intense days.

The actress of 36 years poses half-naked, with light veils, transparent scarves, jewelry, paper flowers ... More 2 500 photos are taken during this shooting, delivering a Marilyn Monroe magic, hypnotic and natural : one sees on the belly a scar, stigma of a recent operation. The nude shots are rejected by Vogue magazine to whom they were intended. The actress accepts a new shoot, this time wearing dresses signed Dior, where she is still magnified by the photographer.

The American star is immortalized as the pin-up of his debut at a time when his career is almost at the lowest. Even before his photos are published, Bert Stern learns of the death of his muse. They will be released in 1992 in a book entitled "Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting", a last session whose clichés are passed to posterity.

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sotheby's Lalanne: Auction sale

The Lalanne collection at Sotheby's Paris, October 2019

Sotheby's in Paris is proud to announce the auction of the private collection of the couple of French sculptors, Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. After being exhibited in several international capitals during the year, the Lalanne collection will end its world tour in Paris, where it will be auctioned in October 2019. The pieces that make up this collection are the works that the couple himself created and kept in their house not far from Fontainebleau and which constituted their interior decoration, their furniture. There are also a few pieces from other artists who are friends of the couple.

Nature collection indoors

You see this chair made of lianas, this table with leafy feet, this mirror covered with flowers? What is it ? Would not it sound like the rustle of a tree leaf, a chirping bird and forest animals that wake up and look at us? You too have the impression to hear them? They are alive, it looks like! This singular collection is the sculptures, decorative objects, jewelery and pieces of furniture among which the Lalanne lived. It is the natural environment that they engraved and carved with their hands, that they had chosen and which decorated their interior. These are the objects they saw and could touch every day. These objects are, for the most part, clearly useful. They are real pieces of furniture, real jewels, real objects of decoration with in addition this little supplement of soul borrowed from the world of the nature.

Private collection of the couple

This collection is unique because it is the most personal objects of the couple. This one is now gone, the general public will be able to admire for the first time all these works remained in the shade. Collectors and fans of French and contemporary art will have the privilege of being able to buy them from October at Sotheby's. One must expect to discover bronze works of great finesse and rare beauty, sculptures rich in details, incredible pieces of furniture that were used daily by the couple with prolific imagination. In each of their works, large or small, aesthetic research and functionality were clearly linked. This is probably how we can summarize the Lalanne signature.
Auction Sneakers NYC SOTHEBYS

Sneakers auction with Sotheby's - Record sales

100 to 1: Collector Acquires Majority of Ultimate Sneaker Collection Update: 99 of the 100 rare sneakers auctioned in Stadium Goods: the Ultimate Sneaker Collection were acquired through a private sale. The remaining lot, the Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoe' 1972, remains open for auction until July 23 at 14:00 p.m. EDT. July 24 update:

The 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoe', the last remaining lot in Sotheby's Stadium Goods: the Ultimate Sneakers Collection at online auction, reached 437 on July 500, 23, setting a new world record for a pair of sneakers. at auction. Today, a pair of Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoe' from 2019 fetched the astonishing sum of $ 1972, far surpassing the previous world auction record for a pair of sneakers. The shoes sold to collector Miles Nadal, following his purchase of the other 437 lots at the auction last week in a private sale. An avid collector, Mr. Nadal plans to exhibit the sneakers, in addition to his collection of classic cars, at his private museum in Toronto, Canada; Mr. Nadal plans to open the museum to friends, family, charities and others upon request. By bidding, Mr. Nadal far surpassed the 500 Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoe' estimate of $ 99 made before the sale.

Sotheby's and Stadium Goods are pleased to announce that all but one pair of sneakers in the Ultimate Sneakers collection has been acquired for $ 850. The announcement is made several days before the scheduled closing date for the auction, July 000. International entrepreneur and collector Miles Spencer Nadal first presented an offer to purchase the entire collection, which includes highly coveted sneakers from Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy and others. All but one of the shippers accepted Mr. Nadal's offer; the remaining lot, the historically significant Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoe', remains open for online submissions to the public. Mr. Nadal is a highly respected entrepreneur, philanthropist and classic car collector; he plans to exhibit his new collection of rare sneakers at his private museum, the Dare to Dream Automobile Museum in Toronto, Canada. In the meantime, the 23 sought-after shoes will continue to be displayed to the public at Sotheby's headquarters in New York until the end of the auction. Come take a look at the Limited Edition Drops and place your bid on the only remaining lot - before your time is up.

Gérard Depardieu sells the contents of his Parisian restaurant Ader

Wines and furniture: Gérard Depardieu auctions off the goods of his Parisian restaurant Everything must disappear! Dishes, furniture, linen, decoration, unusual objects, curtains, bottles of vintage wines, Gérard Depardieu sells all the goods of his Parisian restaurant "La Fontaine Gaillon". An auction as discreet as it is highly anticipated ... Big names wine It is indeed in the utmost discretion that the restaurant of the second arrondissement of Paris, owned by Gérard Depardieu, closed its doors last June. And it is on July 11th that the actor will auction off all the objects that make up the recently closed restaurant: decoration, furniture, linen, table wares, trinkets and bottles of vintage wines. The sale will take place on site, at the restaurant, at 1 rue de la Michodière at 10 am In total: 260 lots put up for sale. On the internet, the goods are presented on the website of the auction house Ader Wine lovers and collectors are eagerly awaiting the sale because if some wines are estimated at 50 euros a bottle, other great exceptional vintages could be close to the 6000 euros per unit. Known for being a great lover of gastronomy and wine, the actor will offer bottles of the biggest names in wine like Château-Latour, Haut-Brion, Saint-Emilion, Meursault or Côte-Rôtie. Enough to delight the sharpest palates and fans of the actor simply. Gérard Depardieu says he is left out At 70 years old Gérard Depardieu has expressed the wish to detach himself from all his "French" assets. For tax reasons, he had also sold his fishmonger, his Japanese grocery store and his mansion in 2017 to leave the capital and reach Belgium. As for the restaurant, he told journalists about the weariness of the restaurant. It was in 2003 that "The Fountain Gaillon" was inaugurated in the presence of many personalities like Johnny Hallyday. Quickly the restaurant had inherited two toques by the famous yellow guide Gault and Millau. You could eat a refined and inventive cuisine: bar carpaccio with curly mustard shoots, grilled Angus steak and mashed potatoes with condiments ... The watchword: simplicity, quality products, elegance and respect for the terroir. At the launch of the gastronomic project, the actor was then the majority shareholder while the rest of the capital was divided between Carole Bouquet, his partner at the time, the Bordeaux winemaker Bernard Magrez, and the restaurant's first chef, Laurent It's Audiot.

Gérard Depardieu sells the contents of his Parisian restaurant at auction with the house of Sales Ader

Wines and furniture: Gérard Depardieu is auctioning off the goods from his Parisian restaurant Everything must disappear! Dishes, furniture, household linen, decoration, unusual objects, curtains, bottles of fine wines, Gérard Depardieu sells all the goods of his Parisian restaurant "La Fontaine Gaillon". An auction that is as discreet as it is eagerly awaited… Great names in wine production It is indeed with the utmost discretion that the restaurant in the second arrondissement of Paris, owned by Gérard Depardieu, closed its doors last June. And it is on July 11 that the actor will auction all the objects that make up the recently closed restaurant: decoration, furniture, linens, tableware, trinkets and bottles of fine wines. The sale will take place on site, at the restaurant, at 1 rue de la Michodière at 10 am. In total: 260 lots put up for sale. On the internet, the goods are presented on the site of Auction House Ader Wine lovers and collectors are impatiently awaiting the sale because while some wines are estimated at 50 euros per bottle, other exceptional grands crus could be around 6000 euros per bottle. Known for being a great lover of gastronomy and wine, the actor will offer bottles of the biggest wine names such as Château-Latour, Haut-Brion, Saint-Emilion, Meursault or even Côte-Rôtie. Something to delight the most keen palates and fans of the actor quite simply. Gérard Depardieu says he is tired At 70, Gérard Depardieu has expressed the wish to detach himself from all his “French” possessions. For tax reasons, in 2017 he also sold his fishmonger, his Japanese grocery store and his private mansion to leave the capital and reach Belgium. Regarding the restaurant, he reminds journalists of a certain fatigue of catering. It was in 2003 that “La Fontaine Gaillon” was inaugurated in the presence of many personalities such as Johnny Hallyday. Quickly the restaurant had inherited two toques by the famous yellow guide Gault and Millau. You could eat refined and inventive cuisine: sea bass carpaccio with curly mustard shoots, grilled Angus steak and mashed potatoes with condiments… The watchword: simplicity, quality products, elegance and respect for the terroir. When the gastronomic project was launched, the actor was then the majority shareholder, while the rest of the capital was divided between Carole Bouquet, his partner at the time, the Bordeaux winegrower Bernard Magrez, and the restaurant's first chef, Laurent Audiot.
An auction corvette at 2,7 Million Dollars

The Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction makes history with 2,7 million dollars from the sale of the latest Corvette C7

USA AUCTION - AUTOMOTIVE Barrett-Jackson, The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions, made history with the sale of the latest Chevrolet Corvette C7 Chevrolet (Lot # 3001) and continued to fuel the hobby with a diverse lineup of vehicles from collection during the 4th Annual Northeast Sale, June 26-29, 2019, at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut. Sales over the four days of the event also continued to indicate the growing popularity of Resto-Mods and recent models of performance vehicles. The rise in popularity of Japanese vintage cars was also highlighted when a 1997 Toyota Supra Anniversary Edition (Lot # 711) sold for a record $ 176, making it one of ten best selling vehicles. Of the ten best-selling vehicles at this year's Northeast auction, six set new records. In total, 545 vehicles were sold for over $ 21,8 million at a 100% sales rate, while 470 auto parts grossed $ 766, and over $ 000 million were raised through the sale of three charity vehicles, bringing total auctions to over $ 2,8 million. “We are very grateful to all of our guests, sponsors and exhibitors who contributed to this auction and made it an extraordinary event,” said Craig Jackson, President and CEO of Barrett-Jackson. "Thanks to everyone's participation and efforts, we have achieved incredible milestones as we write new pages in automotive history. Most important of these was a new charity auction record set by the last Corvette C7 built. This special moment marked the end of an era for Corvette and also garnered critical support for our nation's heroes. We've made so much progress this year in Scottsdale, Palm Beach and the Northeast that we can't wait to refuel in Las Vegas in October. " Top-selling vehicles at the 2019 Northeast auction were included: Latest 06 Chevrolet Corvette Z2019 Chevrolet 2019 (Lot # 3001) - $ 2,7 million (charity vehicle) 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster (lot no 671) - 280 500 Chevrolet Corvette Yenko Chevrolet Yenko / SC Level II Cabriolet Series # 2019 (Lot # 1) - $ 663 * 258 "G500" Buick Special Coupe (Lot # 1954) - $ 54 * Buick Special Custom SUV Ford Bronco Custom 694 (lot no 220) - $ 000 * - 1969 Ford Mustang Eleanor Tribute Edition 669 (Lot # 203) - 500 203 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Custom 500X1967 (Lot # 665) - $ 187 * Toyota Supra Anniversary Edition 000 (Lot # 6) - $ 6 *. Dodge Viper 2017 Dodge Viper GTC ACR (lot no 664) - 172 Ferrari California Cabriolet 700 (Lot # 2014) - $ 673 * 170 Plymouth'Cuda Resto-Mod (lot no 500) - 1971 Ford Shelby GT685 165 (lot # 000) - 500 * Auction Record Vehicles from the Vault Portfolio and the David Maxwell Collection drove through the block during this year's Northeast auction. A total of 47 vintage cars from the Vault portfolio are sold to No Reserve at three Barrett-Jackson events, including the 2019 Northeast and Las Vegas auctions, as well as the 2020 Scottsdale auction. Eight vehicles from the Maxwell Collection also sold at this year's Northeast auction, including a 685 Plymouth'Cuda Resto-Mod (Lot # 1971), which sold for $ 165 and is one of the best-selling vehicles at auction. “Classic cars are the heart and soul of everything we do,” said Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “But we've taken it a step further to create an immersive life experience around auctioning that is second to none in this great hobby. We offered great symposia led by leading automotive experts and hands-on exhibits. For the first time since its launch, Ford has offered the public premium rides in the adrenaline-pumping Ford GT supercar. Only at Barrett-Jackson, you can drive the car of your dreams, rub shoulders with industry legends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. " The latest generation seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette (C7) made history on Friday when Dan Snyder of Dan Snyder Motorsports bought it for $ 2,7 million - a new Barrett-Jackson charity sale record by a vehicle donated by an automobile manufacturer. All proceeds from the Corvette sale went to the Stephen Siller Tunnel as part of the Towers Foundation's Smart Home program. M. Snyder also purchased the latest generation models of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (Lot # 3002.1) and 2017 Dodge Viper (Lot # 3002) at the 2018 Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction. To date, Barrett-Jackson has raised over $ 118 million for charities. Two other vehicles drove through the block to benefit charities during the Northeast auction: 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (Lot # 3000) - $ 30 to benefit the Automotive Technology Academy of the Rockland BOCES of New York. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Custom SUV (Lot # 3002) - $ 85 to benefit NS000 Portions The Barrett-Jackson auto auction featured over 2 genuine parts, including parts from the Terry Brannigan and Cedarmore collections. Rounding out the top five automotive items sold at the Northeast auction were: 1950s Chevrolet-Oldsmobile porcelain with neon sign (lot no.8294) - 23 000 Texaco gasoline fuel pump visible ( lot # 1928) - 8282 18 Mobil Oil Pegasus Animated Porcelain Neon Sign (Lot # 400) - $ 1954 7298 Chevrolet Corvette Kiddie Car (Lot # 17,250) - 1956 Mobil Oil Porcelain from the late 8267s with sign at neon (lot no 17) - 250

Charlotte Perriand at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

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Exhibition "Charlotte Perriand" At the Louis Vuitton Foundation

From 2 October 2019 to 24 February 2020


The exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation celebrating Charlotte Perriand is a first for its size and purpose. Certainly, Charlotte Perriand is recognized as one of the leading figures of the design world of the 20ème century but the exhibition has the privilege to present Charlotte Perriand as a visionary woman, who embraces the 20ème century and creates the key elements of the contemporary lifestyle as artistic and intellectual interactions of the 20th century society. She was an exceptional personality, a woman committed to lead a true evolution - not to say revolution - of the consideration and the look on the world and its cultural and artistic expressions which place it at the heart of a new order of things, of a new relationship between the arts themselves, architecture, painting, sculpture ..., among the most differentiated world cultures, Asia (Japan, Vietnam ...), Latin America, Brazil; between the movements of society, the political order and the place of women, the relationship to rurality, the transition from a society inherited from the XNIXXth century to the contemporary model of the 19th century marked by cataclysms such as totalitarianism or world wars followed by reconstructions both physical and moral.

Finally, Charlotte Perriand will be particularly visionary and will show a unique premonition for her consideration of the environment, with her amazed, inspired and sensitive eyes on nature and the place of man in front of her. Charlotte Perriand's awareness of the place of the individual in his environment aroused in her an ever vivacious and constructive dialogue with this nourishing nature that we find in all her engagements - intellectual as well as artistic - and in her vision of avant-garde of the "new workshop" of a world in motion, of a new art of living. As a person, she develops and thus takes an essential place in the way of life and the new spirit of our contemporary societies.

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Presentation of the exhibition

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the disappearance of Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), la Louis Vuitton Foundation dedicates a large exhibition to him on the links between art, architecture and design. A pioneer of modernity, the architect and designer Charlotte Perriand is particularly known for her essential contribution to the field of design. The Foundation offers the visitor a journey through the XXst century in all of its galleries, alongside a woman committed to defining a new way of life.

The exhibition intends to trace the work of the architect of Charlotte Perriand, whose work anticipates the contemporary debates around women and the place of nature in our society. It offers the visitor the opportunity to step into the modern world, thanks to reconstructions, scientifically faithful, integrating works of art selected by Charlotte Perriand to embody his vision of the synthesis of the arts. Through this exhibition, the work of Charlotte Perriand invites us to rethink the role of art in our society It is the object of delectation and is also the spearhead of tomorrow's societal transformations.


The ground floor will be dedicated to the invention of a modernity oscillating between fascination for industry, political commitment and necessary return to nature. In the 1920 years, Charlotte Perriand imagines a "lifestyle" breaking with the codes of her time. Inspired by the world of cars, cinema and rethinking the role of women, she designs for her studio of Saint-Sulpice (1927) chromed steel furniture which testifies to an astonishing modernity, then studies a project entitled “Work & sport” (1927) which illustrates his vision of the modern apartment. Associated with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, she designs in dialogue with them "icons" such as the "chaise longue" or the "high comfort armchair" which take place in an ideal apartment, presented during the 1929 Autumn Salon.


Aware of the pitfall of a modernity dedicated to functionalism, it operates in the 1930 years a return to nature and is committed to a renewal of housing. She denounces "The great misery of Paris" in housing and offers with the House of the young man (1935) a space where light intertwines, works of art, found objects and modern furniture. The confrontation between his photographs of raw art and the drawings of Fernand Léger illustrates the strength of a nature in which Charlotte Perriand draws her inspiration, creating her first "free forms" with organic curves.


Invited to Japan in 1940 to guide the country's production in the field of applied arts, she presents an exhibition entitled "Selection-Tradition-Creation" (4 Gallery) which calls for rethinking the living space and the use of traditional materials, such as bamboo. She influences a generation of Japanese designers and draws new sources of inspiration from this culture. After the Liberation, she took part in the Reconstruction, calling on artists, such as Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso or Alexandre Calder for her projects. In 1947, the magazine Elle the consecrated Minister of Reconstruction, in a hypothetical 1er women's ministry. The student rooms she draws for the House of Mexico (1952) and the House of Tunisia (1952) illustrate his reflection on minimum space and the interweaving between furniture, architecture and art. This Reconstruction is of course physical but also metaphorical, with the ambition of offering men and women an essential renewal after the trauma of war. His window

unveiling a drawing by Picasso (Nelson's Family House, 1947), the selection of "useful forms" that she made during an exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts (1949-1950), as well as the open kitchen of the Marseilles housing unit are examples of this poetic function that Charlotte Perriand intends to offer.


The continuity between Art and Architecture is embodied in the exhibition "Proposal for a Synthesis of the Arts" which opens in Tokyo in 1955 (5 Gallery). Charlotte brings together her fellow travelers, Fernand Léger and Le Corbusier, but also Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages, by designing a space that unites paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture and architecture, abolishing the boundaries of disciplines. His goal is to transform everyday life through the arts by creating a new relationship to the world, new social interactions, less compartmentalized and soliciting the senses. This utopian proposal is brought to Paris by the Steph Simon Gallery (6 Gallery) which diffuses the emblematic creations of the art of living of Charlotte Perriand. The residence she imagines in Rio (7 Gallery) illustrates the ability of this tireless creator to renew herself throughout her career, while always remaining true to her principles: to design useful forms, integrating avant-garde technologies as well as the know-how of different cultures.


The last level of the Foundation will present unknown aspects of the work of Charlotte Perriand, including her contribution to the world of museums and collectors (9 Gallery). The equipment of the Museum of Modern Art (1965), the apartment of the collector Maurice Jardot (1978) and the new design of the Louise Leiris gallery (1989) define spaces that invite dialogue between the visitor and the works. Charlotte Perriand is also a great "builder".

ARC ARCHITECTURE (8 Gallery and 10)

Reflecting on prefabrication as early as the 1930 years, she imagined with Pierre Jeanneret a "Barrel Refuge" (1938), all at once shelter and invitation to travel. This love of nature and mountains explains the strength and discretion of the architecture that Charlotte Perriand draws for Les Arcs ski resort in Savoie (1967-1989). Rivals ingenuity as to their inscription in the slope, its buildings offer their occupants places of rest, but also of contemplation, with spectacular framing of the alpine peaks (10 Gallery).

Finally the last gallery of the course (11 Gallery) will invite the visitor to a meditation on the place of nature and the importance of the dialogue of cultures, with the Tea House (1993), produced for UNESCO and interacting with works by Japanese artists, such as Sofu Teshigahara and Isao Domoto.

The scientific committee of the exhibition brings together five commissioners: Jacques Barsac, Sébastien Cherruet, Gladys Fabre, Sebastien Gokalp, Pernette Perriand; and Arthur Rüegg as scientific advisor for the re-enactments.

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Miguel Chevalier, DIGITAL SUPERNOVA 2019 - From 8 to 18 August

Manifestation as part of the Century Soulages and IN SITU Heritage and contemporary art, supported by the association Le Passe Muraille Digital Supernova 2019 is a generative virtual reality installation projected on the Gothic vaults of the nave (80 m long), the cross of the transept (30 m long) and the choir of the Notre-Dame de Rodez Cathedral. 30 different meshes of colored light, superimposed on amazing imaginary sky maps, images of luminous explosions of massive stars and remnants of supernovae, develop one after the other every 2 minutes. For this immersive monumental creation between art and science, Miguel Chevalier worked with the astrophysicist Fabio Acero, specialist in the remains of supernovae, nebulae and pulsars, who is developing his research at the AIM laboratory (CEA / Saclay) and has also collaborated a lot. with NASA. Supernovas being very rare, it is not easy to capture these explosions which occur approximately every 30 years. One can however observe their traces or their vestiges which remain in space. Thanks to this collaboration, Miguel Chevalier was able to associate with his wire-based virtual universes, a series of unpublished documents that Fabio Acero delivered to him, projecting the whole onto the ribs of the ribbed structures of the cathedral. These large networks are formed and deformed, creating constantly renewed diversified universes. A large virtual drape of light twists and resizes to create more diverse and complex shapes. The elements attract and repel each other, creating a rhythm of expansion and contraction similar to breathing. This work resonates with the architecture of the building and underlines the volumes of the columns and ribbed arches which come alive before our eyes. There is a kind of fusion and a bridge that is created between the gothic high tech of stone and the high tech of current technologies. Surprising trompe-l'oeil effects are created. These suspended universes amplify the impression of height and lightness of the cathedral. Visitors are invited to stroll around the cathedral, sit in the chairs and look up to the heavens. These digital constellations of pixels immerse visitors in an atmosphere bathed in light and open onto infinity. For five evenings, the in-situ work Digital Supernova will be accompanied by musical improvisations performed by the two Aveyron organists Frédéric Deschamps and Adam Bernadac on the great organ of the cathedral. The musical performances of these two virtuosos amplify the immersion in the work. Image and music respond to each other in an emotional fusion that contributes to a real synesthesia. Light, color, movement, create a poetics of matter and develop a new aesthetic of the virtual. The installation Digital Supernova releases a radiant energy in this space of plenitude. It plunges visitors into the mysteries of the universe. On the occasion of Digital SUPERNOVA 2019, five concert evenings are co-organized with ADROA (Association for the Development and Radiation of the Organ in Aveyron)
- Thursday August 8, 20:30 p.m.> 22 p.m.: opening night with Frédéric Deschamps, titular organist of the collegiate church of Albi.
- Saturday August 10, Sunday August 11, Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18, 20:30 p.m.
22h00, musical performance by Adam Bernadac, Parisian organist and composer.
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