Felix Schivo, or the opening to the world

15 March 2019 News 0 Comments

Out of the more or less three hundred lots that count the dispersion of the workshop of the sculptor and engraver Félix Schivo (1924-2006), beyond the amount of work done, it is certainly his polymorphic character that intrigues most. Large re-terprétées statues from the universe of the engraver Jacques Callot (1592-1635) rub shoulders with busts with tight planes; Small terracottas with bright colors, appearing people of Righteousness, adjoining with engravings where dominates a deep and mysterious black; Drawings of landscapes Pyrenees or Aveyronnais dialogue with large polychromatic plasters of animals or Mime Marceau, and cracked ceramics.

MEN AND WOMEN-The art of all kinds-auctions

26 February 2019 News 0 Comments

On March 1st, Florent M.S. and François Wedry organize the sale Men and Women, the Art of all kinds. This new theme in their sales program will offer you a vision of art through the prism of genres through time and different techniques.

Autolib for sale revamped by Jazzu and Rose-Agathe Steiner

16 January 2019 News 0 Comments

Two restyled electric AUTOLIB cars for Sale:  Bidtween organises an exceptional sale from Sunday 20 January on its website bidtween.com. Two models of the Bolloré Car originally designated by Pininfarina will be revamped by two renowned artists Rose-Agathe Steiner and Jazzu, on Saturday, January 19 live from the market misseated at the flea market of ...