The race auction: Sports and Olympism at knife-Begarie

800 lots will be scattered at Drouot

The knife-Begarie study helps you keep your good resolutions at the beginning of the year with a sales session on the parts related to the sports. It's at Drouot that nearly 800 lots will be dispersed at auction on two days: January 20-21.

Dress parts such as jerseys and caps of legendary players, along with trophies (cups, medals, posters), but also memories, will be submitted to the fire of the auction. In Olympic terms, we'll find mascots, held official and several torches (Moscow, Vancouver, Turin…).

Several sources for lots of this sale, whose estate Serge Guyot

"It took about 6 months to get this sale" says Jean-Marc Leynet, the sales and key expert on sport in France.

We can give three major sources for lots of this vacation.

First of all, the pieces that come from collectors wishing to dispose of part of their collection to acquire new pieces, or in the case of duplicate.

The latter to participate in this collection are (antiquaires, brocanteurs) art market professionals, who, over their peregrinations, have acquired these lots related to the sport.

Finally, as part of a succession, the relatives and families of former athletes wish to sell these memories. This is precisely the case of this vacation where some of the objects are those of succession Serge Guyot, a former player of the PSG in the 1970s.

Olympics / soccer / cycling: winning the french trio

However to do a classification among all these exceptional pieces. Indeed, the importance of sports in the world market is not the same country. In France, three major disciplines prance ahead of interest: first Olympism, then Football, and finally the cycling. Three broad headings found in the sale of the knife-Begarie study.

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Estimates for these unique pieces are related to several criteria

The sales expert explains that estimates for these parts are related to several criteria.

First, the scarcity of the good. This is the case for the Jersey silk of Jacques Anquetil (lot 507). The rider carried it on the occasion of his first attempt at the hour record at the Vigorelli velodrome in Milan on October 22, 1955. An attempt which proved a failure: he failed 623 meters from the record held by Fausto Coppi. This piece of memory is estimated at between 2,000 and €2,500.

The age of the piece is also going into account of the value of a coin. Mr. Leynet reported an anecdote related to lot 395, since this exceptional "cap" of selecting the team of France of Adolphe Jaureguy Rugby player was found in an abandoned house. Saved at the last minute, this museum piece is estimated at 3,000 / €4,000.

The hierarchy of the object itself is also one of the criteria of the estimation: there can be added value related to the sport and the athlete himself. Indeed, a gold medal will not be the same 'value' according to the sport that she will be rewarded and the popularity of the athlete.

But the monetary issue is not the only value of a piece of collection. Our expert confides his favorite among the 3 sales lots: a series of licenses of PSG players (Jean-Michel Larqué, Raymond Domenech,…) estimated each 80 / €100. Will thus in selling a dozen of documents belonging to the estate of Serge Guyot, who "never lie in the auction" according to Mr. Leynet.

Friday, January 20, 2017 14:00, Room 4-Drouot:

Second part: 356 to the 443 batch batch & third part: batch to batch 820 444

Saturday January 21, 2017 11:00 and 14:00

Room 4 at Drouot