Hunting with FauveParis chip

AuctionLab has selected a few beautiful pieces among the lots from the sale “on an inspiration” Fauve Paris study which will take place Thursday, October 20 at 7 pm. Furniture, works of art, sculptures, paintings, lithographs, original designs, jewelry, car… through the centuries! Focus on 8 key pieces of the sale.

Elisabeth Garouste (born in 1949) and Mattia Bonetti (born in 1952)

Chair barbarian, 1981

Structure steel hammered bronze antique green patina, each amount of the record extended by a fork-shaped Horn, sitting in foal stretched by a leather lacing. Edition Neotu.

H 117 cm L. 58 cm P. 45 cm

5 000 / €8,000

Élisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti collaboration began in 1980, with the decoration of the Privilege club installed within the Palace, the most popular nightclub in Paris. In 1981, they choose to expose their common creations Gallery Jansen, used to present a discreet and luxurious furniture. The barbarian built iron chair patina of bronze antique and tense of an animal maintained by laces of leather skin crystallizes, the public, their approach. Qualified of “new barbarians” by the press, they draw their references in ancient and primitive cultures

This copy comes from a European private collection. Similar copies are kept in different museums such as the Pompidou Center or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

lot 31

Philippe Hiquily (1925-2013)

Floor lamp, 2009

Polished stainless steel signed and numbered 41/100 creating PH: 1992

H 179 cm

3 500 / €4,500

The artist attended the workshops of the sculptors Jean Tinguely and Germaine Richier, for which he produced sculptures floors. It will quickly take off to create his own sculptures in turn. From 1960 he creates furniture, furniture in mind dreamlike and surreal.

This floor lamp is represented in “Philippe Hiquily, catalogue raisonné”, 1948-2011, volume 2, Paris, Editions Loft, referenced under the #92.Mo.LpH.Ed.Ix.179

Lot 37

Niki artist (1930-2002)

Letter drawing Alexandre Iolas and its envelope, 1975

Ink and collage on paper and its postal envelope

H. 21.6 cm. L 28 cm

2 500 / €3,500

This letter is from the private collection Alexandre Iolas, Paris (by descent).

Alexandre Iolas. Completely naïve star dancer in the face of art works, is its air and its sensitivity, making it one of the largest dealers of post-war art. We love his charisma, his daring, his artists, so for the first time (and probably not the last), we dedicate a corner in our sale. “Lucie-Eleonore Riveron, Chairman of wild Paris

lot 69

Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002)

Untitled, circa 1955-1956

Gouache on paper mounted on canvas

H 88 cm. L 152 cm

120 000 / €150,000

This gouache comes from the estate Jean-Paul Riopelle (a receipt will be given to the purchaser). You can find the work reproduced in the catalogue of the exhibition the Gallery of Carcassone, June-September 2011, “look at the lyrical abstraction, Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-des-Prés”, but also in the catalogue of the exhibition “other Art? Artists around Michel Tapié,”Christie’s Paris, January-February 2012, p. 134-135. This work is included in the addendum of the catalogue Raisonné of Jean-Paul Riopelle.

lot 74

Lee Ufan (born 1936)

Dialogue, blue, 2016

Watercolor on paper, signed and dated lower right

H. 27 cm l 30 cm

6 000 / €8,000

The Korean artist has studied, in addition to painting, calligraphy, and philosophy. These influences are easily found in this watercolor. It’s the 1970s, Lee focuses on monochrome painting. His work as a painter comes so far in a series of 7 titles, in which is absent any expression of ego or a psychology. “His practice of painting comes many years in seven titles, including Dialogue. A conversation that takes place between the support and the gesture of painting but also between the viewer and the table. “Cedric Melado, auctioneer at Fawn Paris.

lot 76

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)

Parachiffre XXXIII, 1976

Mixed technique on paper mounted on canvas, Monogram, dated and dedicated to Claude Fox down right

H 64 cm L. 94 cm

60 000 / €80,000

This work was acquired directly from the artist, into first the Collection Micheline and Claude Fox, then a private collection in Belgium.

It illustrates the “issue XXX: Parachiffres, worldliness, places abbreviated (1974-1976) ‘ Max Loreau in Catalogue of the works of Jean Dubuffet, the midnight Editions, Paris, 1980, p. 20, № 35

lot 88

Wang Keping (b. 1949)

Woman, 2000

Bronze Monogram, numbered 3/8 test and stamp of refiner Bocquel downstairs at the back

H. 44 cm. L 20 cm per 30 cm

15 000 / €20,000

The Chinese artist expresses his search for freedom of expression through his art. Expelled from China, the artist arrived in Paris in 1984. In his sculptures, he replaces politics by sensuality. Wang Keping creates of great sensuous curves that turn out be only women or tenderly entwined couples. Remember that China views eroticism as a transgression. Behind the expressive sensuality of the sculptor, is therefore always a political message.

lot 91

Peter Lindbergh (born 1944)

Milla Jovovich & Karen Elson for Vogue Italy, Los Angeles, 2000

Photo Inkjet on paper signed, titled and numbered 3/3 on the back. Picto, Paris Studio

H. 120 L. 180 cm cm

16 000 / 18 €000

Through photography, Lindbergh seeks to “liberate women, and, in short, everyone, the haunting of youth and perfection. This photo was exposed at “Artists of the world for Handicap International”, Orangery of the Senate, Paris, from 19 to 30 June 2013

This work is recorded in the archives of the Lindbergh Studio under the n ° PLC20299 – 1 has