2016 for the Artcurial House auction record: 2-digit growth

' Artcurial passes, for the first time in its history, the 200 M€ in annual sales "Nicolas Orlowski, CEO of Artcurial

With a sales volume of 210,1 M€ in 2016 (+ 10% compared to 2015), the auction house Artcurial confirms the strength of his strategy: offer a wide variety of specialties (works and objects of art, collectibles), collectors from around the world in a wide range of estimates.

It enabled him to attract 44 percent of new customers this year, and to sell 74% of the lots offered in the sales by auction.

The auction took off to take Tintin to the Moon

Comic was recognized featured in the remarkable auction of home selling for 2016. The Board from 1954 to the ink of China of Hergé from "We walked on the Moon" is sold in November for €1 553 312: this is a world record for a single Board of the artist sold at auction.

Featured in 2016: the automotive Department of Artcurial

For the second consecutive year, Artcurial realizes the highest bid in France with the sale of the car of the world's most expensive collection: €32 075 200. The 335 Sport 1957 Scaglietti Ferrari, from Pierre Bardinon collection was sold to the salon Rétromobile by Artcurial Motorcars in last February.

Also noted during this Rétromobile Sale auction at €1 473 200 for an Aston Martin DB4 Convertible series 5 of 1963. Exceptional results for a Porsche 935 Competition of 1977, sold July 9, 2016, at le Mans Classic €1 301 600. The classic car Department signed a new year record with a total of 80 M€. It contributes 38% to the overall result of the House.

Glow auction for the chiffonier Newson aluminum

The Design Department has shone again this year with the sale of the chifforobe 'Pod of drawers' Marc Newson. Directed by the Australian in 1987 in "aerospace" riveted aluminium plates, it was sold in October for €1 019 800: a world record for this work sold at auction. This piece is very rare on the market: it is known from only two other copies to the Museum of the Decorative Arts in Paris and the MoMa in New York.

Record results on the side of Modern Art at Artcurial

Oil on Panel floored "Naked on naked (naked with green hair)" painted by Marcel Duchamp between 1910 and 1911, enabled a world record of auction for a painting of this surreal artist and a ranking as National treasure.

Between figuration and abstraction, the great painter Nicolas de Staël saw his "still life with white Pan" of 1955 to find a new owner for €970 200 in June 2016.

In autumn, the acrylic on canvas Martin Barré '63-F-5"of 1963 was awarded €715 800. The award of this piece that belonged to the collection Michel Fedoroff has thus achieved a world record for a work by the artist at auction.

A positive balance for the Artcurial House, who has won 77 world auction records, and sold 39 lots at more than €500,000 including 11 million-plus. 41 lots were also pre-empted or acquired by museums. The year finally saw the success many sales of collections. They represent 40% of the overall sales volume of the House.

Artcurial currently 75% of foreign clients for lots of more than €50 000, representing 97 nationalities, while the amount of the average lot continues to grow to reach €13 203 (+ 25% from 2015).