In April, you discovered a "thread… of auction.

Every Sunday of the month of April, around 11: 00, the channel Arte will propose to follow the course and the sale of new and historical objects via documentary series over the auction.

It is a co-production Gédéon Programmes / Arte.

A series that traces the path of exceptional works at auction


The Ferrari California Spider of Alain Delon to the necessary trip to the maid of Marie Antoinette, this documentary series reconstructs the past life of objects and works finding their luster under the eyes of the bidders.

The five pieces were sold at auction these last months. Arte retraces their journey with this series 'over auction"until they pass into the hands of their new owners.






Very different parts that make us cross famous historical characters

Remarkable for their manufacture, their use, their changes of owners or destinations, five objects that will be highlighted through this series plunge us worlds and periods of history at each time unique. Directors, lead us through the course of these exceptional pieces, in painstaking investigations in France and in Europe, that make us go back in time and meet famous historical characters.

Arte gives us the five episodes aired in April program:

Sunday, April 2 at 11:05


The Ferrari California Spider 250 GT that belonged to Alain Delon is one of the most beautiful convertibles that are. Disappeared for more than 50 years, she was found by chance in the West of the France by two enthusiasts. When it was sold by Artcurial during the salon Rétromobile 2015, she found a buyer for the record sum of 16.3 million euros. His incredible story evokes the gilded youth of the 1960s.

Directed and written by Antoine Coursat

Sunday, April 9 at 11:15

The evening dress Balenciaga

This sale is the 1st high sale sewing of Sotheby's American society. And the star of the sale, it's this evening gown in pink feathers of Cristobal Balenciaga, creator and great Spanish designer. A dress vaporous and slight, made only 3 or 4 pieces. It was in 1965 that Francine Weisweiller, patron and friend of Jean Cocteau, bought this dress. At his death the dress was lost and then found. It belongs today to the collector Didier Ludot.

A lire aussi  Francis Bacon: the passion in 3D at auction

Directed by Antoine Coursat – written by Crowley and Antoine Coursat Rosaleen

Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 11:15

Ms. Auguié travel necessities

Among a collection of rare of the 18th century, all in connection with Marie-Antoinette, Christie's France auction offers a necessary trip estimated at between 40,000 and 60,000 euros. It is a gift from the Queen to her maid, Madam Augie de Lascans, whose sister, madame Campan, also at the service of Marie Antoinette, delivered in his memoirs a moving testimony of the last moments of the Royal family. 
Directed by Stéphane Carrel – written by Crowley and Steve Carrel Rosaleen

Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 11:15

The Prose of the Trans-Siberian and of little Jehanne of France we have to "paper-work" conceived in 1913 Paris, then capital of the avant-garde, the Swiss writer Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delaunay Russian original artist. An illustrated poem which, by its style and content, makes it one of the masterpieces of modern art… It is presented in the context of the exceptional sale of the library of Pierre Bergé at Drouot.

Directed by Joëlle Oosterlinck – written by Crowley and Joëlle Oosterlinck Rosaleen

Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 11:20

The fragment of interfacing

The curious and passionate aviation collectors flock in room 10 of Drouot. The lots pass, when, suddenly, the public's attention becomes palpable: a beautiful fragment of painted in khaki interfacing is on sale. It is decorated with the famous Stork and a dedication 'with my best memory", signed Dieudonné Costes, famous pilot and have war.

Directed by Matthew MacDonald – written by Crowley and Matthew mallet Rosaleen

Documentary series (France, 2015, 5x26mn)

On an original idea of Jehanne Puysegur. Editor in Chief: Rosaleen Crowley

Co-production Gédéon Programmes and Arte.