Rodin: of the August auction

The centenary of the death of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) leaves room for many celebrations of the art of this great sculptor. A retrospective exhibition will open at the Grand Palais in Paris from March 22 to July 31, 2017.


The first version of the 'eternal spring' on sale at Drouot


In addition to this retrospective, the art market sees bloom works by the artist at auction. Ball auction will begin on March 22 with the 'eternal spring' put up for sale by the study Fraysse and associates. There are two versions of the work of Rodin or States. A first designed in 1884 and again in 1898. This event belongs to the first State, melted to a dozen copies by Griffoul and Lorge before 1900; the Rodin Committee indicated that this event had probably been melted between 1887 and 1894. (Estimate: 800 000 / €1,000,000)




The kiss of Rodin embrace (s) era it auction?

The House of Drouot estimates sales will propose to the auction a version of the kiss of Rodin on 31 March. Symbol of eternal love, the kiss represented – Paolo and Francesca – two characters borrowed from the Divine Comedy, poem by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321).

The kiss in its original size (85.5 cm) dates back to 1882 and was intended for the center of the left wing of the door of hell. Finally, the sculptor decided to make it a stand-alone work exposed for the first time in 1887, and who immediately Gets the success that we him today.

Bound a contract dated July 6, 1898, for a period of 20 years, Émile Leblanc-Barbedienne and Auguste Rodin for the dissemination of the kiss stipulating that:

"Mr. Rodin undertakes to deliver to Mr. Leblanc-Barbedienne a copy in plaster of each of the statues 'The kiss'… in the original size so that Mr. Leblanc-Barbedienne can make reductions in all dimensions it considers unique to the trade. These reductions will be carried out under the supervision of Mr. Rodin and accepted by him. »

The Leblanc House Barbedienne edited that kiss in four dimensions: No. 1: 71.1 cm (edited to 49 copies) Reduction, Reduction No. 2: 25.7 cm (edited 69 copies), no. 3, presented at this sale auction reduction: 40 cm (published 108 copies) and no. 4: 60.2 cm Reduction (edited to 103 copies).

Ordeal in patinated bronze, signed, conforms in all respects to model 1901 Chief, kept at the Rodin Museum under the reference S.2061.


A treasure found by Artcurial Rodin marble


On May 30, Artcurial offer auction Andromeda, a rare marble Rodin's exceptional history. The work, which was long considered lost, has been preserved by the same family for 130 years.

In 1888, the Chilean diplomat Carlos Morla Vicuña asked Auguste Rodin to marble bust of his young wife, Luisa. The sculpture is exposed in the same year at the annual National Salon of fine arts in Paris. She carries such a success that the french State wishes to acquire for the Luxembourg Museum. Carlos Morla vicuña agrees to cede the bust of his wife by friendship to the France. Today, it is in the collections of the Musée d'Orsay. In appreciation of this gesture, Auguste Rodin offered to the Chilean couple friends of Andromeda arts (1887), a white marble representing a naked young woman folded on a rock, one of the finest examples of a transposition of an ancient myth in the work of Rodin's sensual and modern. The copy of the Morla is the most complete in its naturalistic transcription.

In the 1930s, Georges Grappe, first curator of the Rodin Museum, points out the sculpture as being probably still in the family Morla. Since then, they had lost track of it. Passed down from generation to generation, it had remained in the same family until its rediscovery in 2017 by the auction house.

Three five other copies of this work are currently kept in museums such as the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, the Rodin Museum in Paris and the National Museum of fine arts of Buenos Aires.

"The rediscovery of this marble by Rodin, 130 years after its creation, is an event! In the 1930s, Georges Grappe, first curator of the Rodin Museum, was the assumption that Andromeda would undoubtedly still be in the hands of the Morla family but without certainties. Since then, we had lost track…"reacts Bruno Jaubert, Associate Director of the Modern Art Department of Artcurial.

-Collection of Mr and Mrs R and has various – paintings, furniture and objects of art at Fraysse & associates on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 2:30 in room 13 at Drouot:

-Classic sale at Drouot Estimations on Friday 31 March at 14:00 in Room 6 – Drouot:


-Exhibition at Artcurial:

18-March 28, 2017, and 26 to May 30, 2017, in Paris

From 20 to 22 April 2017, in Brussels

27-28 April 2017, in Vienna

4-May 6, 2017, in Milan


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