5000 pairs of socks at auction: the originality of customs sales

In people's minds, "auctions" rhymes with "works of art". These are actually their results remaining to us in mind, the image of the Basquiat recently sold. But the majority of sales are not as prestigious. Every vacation has a lot of originality, with a special mention for sales in customs.

Illicit goods and dropouts

5000 pairs of socks or 60 secateurs at auction, this could make you smile. But there is lots you can see proposed during customs auction. Auctionlab explains how these came under the hammer. Many objects are blocked at the border, and to free up storage space, customs carry out auctions with auctioneers. The money is then returned to the State. An object can be stuck in customs for several reasons. Often, when he arrives in France but does not match demand, being then too expensive to ship back is abandoned by the buyer. If he doesn't get him, customs service may decide to put it up for auction. Goods seized for violation are also subject to the auction, except counterfeiting and illegal objects, which are destroyed. Of fake Hermes bags will be burned, but the leathers which are used in their manufacture can be sold. If the legal goods hidden fakes, assets are also seized and offered for sale. Visit the site gouv.com. The next sale instead on 27 June in Lille (4 rue Fourier). Program: various objects which aquabike bikes or garden furniture. Thus find themselves in room sales of Pajamas that make-up an alcohol trafficking, or 320 strands of hair which color did not agree. More amazing, lots of tombstones, that person not picked up… Each sale brings its share of surprises.

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And if I want to buy?

As the 'classic' auctions, sales in customs are open to all. While appliances or high-tech products may be of interest to individuals, the lots made up of identical copies in large amount interest very often professionals and traders.

Jewelry, cars, goods of all kinds… where to go on a speciality?

Several times a year, the warehouse of Roissy customs or customs of the port of le Havre organize sales very heterogeneous, composed of seizures or drop-outs, ranging from textiles to digital tablets. In terms of industrial goods, lots are gathered to be sold on the stock exchange trade. If you are looking for a car, it will take you to make (or bid online) in la Courneuve. The Hotel Drouot and its auctioneers bereisen and scatter objects of luxury, jewels and gems that can be stored at the borders.