Plunge in the work of David Hockney

Known for his masterful "A Bigger Splash" work, the artist David Hockney is the Parisian star this week: his splashes the Museum sphere and the world of auctions.

On 21 June, the Pompidou Center in collaboration with the Tate Britain in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, presents a highly anticipated retrospective: it is devoted to the work of David Hockney. Echoing this exhibition, can be found at the weekend two works of the artist subject to auction fire.

The exhibition at the Museum of modern art Paris Celebrates 80 years of the artist, still alive. With over one hundred sixty paintings, photographs, prints, video installations, drawings and books, including the most famous paintings of the artist such as the swimming pools, the double portraits or even monumental landscapes, the exhibition wants to return all of the artistic career of David Hockney until his most recent works. 

Portrait of an artist (pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas 214 x 305 cm © David Hockney, Photo: Art Gallery of New South Wales / Jenni Carter

Hockney headlining: between expo room and sales room

The artist, who has always shown his interest in the technology of reproduction and modern production of images, used the poster. "Artistic creation is an act of sharing," explains David HockneyPosters against "mandatory endurance races" that teenager David Hockney placards on information in primary school in Bradford signs advertise to immediately an art willing to challenge, to get a message as much as to entertain the spectators.

"They told me: I like your posters for one reason or another, and it was nice" confides the artist.

A poster printed in 1986 with a central Visual a portrait signed David Hockney and announcing an exhibition at the Gallery Claude Bernard is offered June 23 by house sales Audap-Mirabeau

The retrospective Picasso presents the Tate Gallery in London in the summer 1960 permanently mark David Hockney. To Picasso, he borrows his stylistic freedom, his invention of a perspective – that of the Cubism – found on this portrait.

David Hockney, Self Portrait, 1954 Collage 42 x 29.80 cm © David Hockney Photo: Richard Schmidt

David Hockney – popular Union – Paris poster mounted no / Vintage Poster on paper not lined / T.B.E. A / DAVID HOCKNEY (1937) / 83 x 50 / IMP. 1986, Audap-Mirabeau sale June 23

Do you offer a portrait of Hockney at auction!

Driven by a constant desire to wide dissemination of his art, Hockney, in turn, adopted photography, fax, computer, printers and more recently the iPad.

In his first portraits, Hockney exalts the realism, the perspectival vision borrowed from photography he practices so hard. In this portrait of Joe Mac Donald, who will be offered at auction on June 24 by FauveParis, accuracy is such that even in black and white, we realize the different shades of highlights in the hair and can be up to read the brand on the bottle of water on this lithograph.

Portrait of Joe Mac Donald, lithograph on paper, signed, dated and numbered 98/99 down left – 106 x 75 cm, FauveParis, sale June 24, 2017

"What else?" Picasso worked every day. Matisse worked every day. That's what artists do, until what they break their pipe"

Worker hard, the artist will be exercised in various styles as shown in this museum retrospective. In a time where he's still looking what form to give to his art, he draws a few influences masters of modern art:

«He could master all styles.» The lesson that I draw from this is that one must use them all. » 

The auction of the poster at AUDAP-MIRABEAU

Exhibition: Thursday, June 22 from 10:00 to 18:00

Auction: Friday, June 23 at 10:00 in PARIS

Catalogue of the sale: here

The auction of a portrait of Mac Donald at FAUVEPARIS

Exhibition: Saturday, June 17, 2017, from Tuesday to Saturday from 12: 00 to 20: 00 and Saturday, June 24 from 10: 00 to 10:30

Auction: Saturday, June 24 at 10:30

Catalogue of the sale: here

Picture on the front page: A Bigger Splash, 1967, acrylic on canvas 242.50 x 243.90 x 3 cm © David Hockney Collection Tate, London