The comic superheroine of the auction

Sales of comics include a whole universe since are auctioned the albums, but also the original plates, statuettes and other parts thereto.

Plafonnantes of the original drawings of comics estimates focus on a few artists. It is most often of André Franquin, father of “Gaston Lagaffe”, Morris and his “Lucky Luke” Hugo Pratt and “Corto Maltese” and of course the universe of Tintin and Hergé.

It is mainly on this Belgian character that we will ‘floor’ with two particularly pretty comprehensive sales soon organized by Millon and Artcurial to illustrate our point.

For forty years, the comic asserts itself little by little as a legitimate art form called 9th art. “It is first linked to a generational phenomenon. Before the years 1950-1960, we stopped to read the comic to 16 or 18 to move to more “serious” readings The generation next, she never stopped reading comics. She accompanied and even accomplished this transformation of comics into a genre for adult. Many collectors of today are from this generation. “says Jean Pierre Mercier, Scientific Advisor to the city of the comic and the image of Angoulême and historian of the 9th art.

The adventures of Tintin auction

In recent years, the boards and original designs of Hergé, the availability in the market is that dwindle, see their estimates and their results at auction to stabilize at heights.

Millon study is one of the leaders on the market of comics auction. In resonance with the current exhibition at the Grand Palais, she organized Sunday a sale devoted to the universe of Hergé.

Mr. Udo VAN NIEUWENBURG, an expert in charge of the sale at Millon, tackling one of the characteristics of the work of Hergé: the creation of a world of multiple and full around the character of Tintin. Indeed, the sales dedicated to the universe of Hergé for this Sunday, October 23 offers “various facets of the master of the clear line for all kinds of collectors and for all budgets. First of all there will be 2 lots which represent the beginnings of Georges Rémi, said Hergé, as Illustrator with two rare made flyers for Ford in the 1930s.The Foundation Hergé not having knowledge, contacted us to get scans for future publication (lots 4 and 5). »

There will be of course in this sale traditional albums of Tintin, but in an edition of 1945, as the crab to the tongs of gold A21 in excellent condition (lot 23).

In its inventory of the highlights of this sale, Mr. Udo VAN NIEUWENBURG also draws our attention to “the objects derived former like this PIN Petit Vingtième dating from 1936, first object”PARA-BD “representing Tintin (Lot 9) or more modern like the large enameled plate Rascar Capac (70x125cm) which was pulled to 35 copies in 1985 by the Belgian emailleries (lot 66).”

When Tintin out of his bubble: ‘snow maps’ sale at Artcurial

More than a set of rare lots, these are unpublished offers Artcurial in his next sale. The Parisian auction house is already known for beautiful results on its auctions dedicated to the universe of Hergé. The latest: the double end of the “Sceptre of Ottokar” surfboard belonging to the singer Renaud and sold 1 million of euros by Artcurial in April.

19 November will be offered for auction 20 drawings in India ink in 1942 and 1943 by Hergé called ‘snow cards ‘. They can be considered as the first product derived importance related to the adventures of Tintin and intended to broaden the audience of reader. “It is exceptionally rare to find originals of Hergé from the 1940s, few have survived. These twenty drawings have been preserved in an ancient private collection”Eric Leroy, expert in comics at Artcurial. Each drawing is estimated between 60 000 and €120 000.

Artcurial open auction of comics to the Asian market, having presented in preview these new maps of Hergé in Hong Kong at the beginning of the month. The Organization of a first sale of comics in Hong Kong in October 2015 had already been a success.

Other stars of the auction characters

Adjacent to the now repeated the Daddy of Tintin’s success, other cartoonists of comic books see their side pulled up. Albert Uderzo, Peyo, Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Jean Roba, and adults of the Franco-Belgian school sell today very well. Disappeared two years ago, Jean Giraud, says Moebius, had already seen his side blow during the last years of his life, but today, the beautiful plates of Blueberry or the Incal are taken in very large sums. The Artcurial auction house for example sold in October 2015 China ink and gouache on paper for the cover of the album “the hermetic garage” Moebius to Hong Kong 2,405,000 HKD, € 278 960.

The originals of more contemporary comics cartoonists sell also to strong prices on the market. Evidenced by the income of €53 088 under the hammer of Artcurial for the cover of the “cat of the Rabbi” of Joann Sfar in April 2014.

Even if American boards prices are not yet the Belgian tops, this market is also exploding, especially through the Internet.

Upcoming sales:

-On 23 October at Millon, ‘universe of Hergé’

-November 19 at Artcurial, “Universe of the creator of Tintin”,

-on 16 November at 20:00 in Reims, at study SVV Guizzetti-Collet, sale of 19 panels comics

-29 October at 14: 00 at LA FLÈCHE, at Cyril Duval auction, Bd – 24 hours of le Mans

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