When advertising art is illustrated auction

The advertising at the beginning of the twentieth century counts as marketing than his pen and his brush tools. Its supports are the wall posters, plates glazed for less ephemeral ads, but also windows and desks of traders, then subsequently giveaways that took place on our shelves, on which align these multiple pieces that are the delight of collectors today.


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We find today some parts of this advertising art, ancient and modern, for sale at auction. Their rarity, their conservation status and their place in history make reach to some of the record prices. Far from the popular spirit that was its first feature, advertising becomes a full-fledged art in auction sales.


The advertising poster auction 

A historic ad campaign

It was under the reign of François 1st date back the first views of the 'orders', a substitute wrote to the oral announcements so far. Subsequently, the end of the eighteenth century, marked by the French Revolution there is an explosion in all areas of communication: speech, newspapers, pamphlets, and of course in the display.

The industrial boom of the 19th century with the beginnings of mechanization and the Organization of production, marks the advent of the consumer society. It is during this period that the poster, benefiting from the progress of lithographic printing techniques, is transformed to become one of the most influential media.

Artists who will become great poster: Chéret and Toulouse-Lautrec on sale at Millon

The Millon study, under the master of the Hamayde hammer, offers on January 17, a sale devoted to the posters and historical documents. Among the lots that will be presented at the auction, a few pieces of wall art, as this advertising can be found for the "mountains Russians, every night Spanish dancers", designed by Jules Chéret and dated 1895 (estimate: 1 000 / €1,500). In the history of advertising art, a new step is taken by l ' mid-range of Jules Chéret, considered the father of the modern poster. Indeed, it is to him to the development of a technique: color printing by a process that allows to provide quickly big draws. It also plays a crucial role in the change of the aesthetics of the poster by managing to give the wall art form, that distinguishes it from other areas of pictorial art.

Thus, Chéret will inspire other artists who will become famous poster artists, such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. An advertising work of this artist for the Moulin Rouge is on sale at the Millon study in the same auction. "May Milton', rare displays of Toulouse-Lautrec, done in pencil, brush and the crachis, 5-color printing, dated 1895, is estimated between 4,000 and €8,000.

Academic and Symbolist painters, illustrators and humorists, supporters of the Art Nouveau style, like Mucha, turn also to advertising art in the format posters.

Beautiful later advertising posters will be also subject firearms auction January 13 under the hammer of master Balsan, as this poster for oil Suprol, a drawing of René Perron dated 1949.

Next auction rare of enamelled advertising signs

It's time for advertising in Troyes


Nearly 300 advertising enamel plates will be scattered to the sandstone of the auction January 21 under the hammer of master Léonard Pomez, ivory Troyes Boisseau-Pomez auction house.

Mr B., a collector of the Marne 40 years, brought advertising enamel plates: a collection of which he wants today to separate. This rare collection lists the areas in which the advertising was active between 1920 and 1970: agricultural products, food, insurance, drinks, transport, electricity, but also automotive and mechanics.

"It not were a public sale of this magnitude for a long time."

The uniqueness of this collection is also because of the rarity of these plates on the market. "There was not were a public sale of this magnitude for a long time" says the young auctioneer. In addition, these vintage design plates are very much in the trend of current decoration. People who have today are more sellers.

Since the launch of the catalogue of sale a few days ago, master Pomez has already had several calls from collectors emanating from the four corners of the hexagon. The estimation of these plates was not easy, because to do a right algorithm between several characteristics: the quality and State of the plate, its age, the subject represented, color and finally the typography. Léonard Pomez offer at auction these parts at attractive prices (estimates range from 50 to €250) which will undoubtedly attract collectors, called placomaillophiles.

Alongside advertisements for the best-known brands, as those in the field of auto mechanics (Esso, Shell or Michelin), also presented at auction of the original plates attached to the press 'Paris Match' or "France evening". We will also meet in this sale of thermometers integrated into the plates in sheet metal, but also witnesses of a bygone era, the plates of road signs sponsored by automotive brands (Peugeot or Dunlop).

Advertising miniature vehicles auction

National and international brands have also inspired many advertisers, who in addition to register logos on vehicles, have also achieved them small scale. Many collectors today are recipient of these miniatures made by 2 famous venture: Dinky Toys and Corgi.

Their production is very similar. To stand out from Dinky Toys, Corgi will quickly propose allowing more loyalty and finishing accessories. First TV series, including that of James Bond 007, offer an idea of rendering and the neat finish of Corgi.

To the delight of collectors, Corgi has always made special models with ads. The company reproduced English models. However, exceptions such as miniatures of french models as the Citroën 2 horses, DS, or even the Renault Florida. Joigny auction study will propose in its next sale of January 9 of these advertising vehicles of the Corgi brand sets, estimated each between 20 and €30.

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